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Admiral Quality

: LAYOUT: POLY-ANA VSTi by ezb, Rating: Gold


: Remote Control for Adobe Lightroom (MIDI2LR) by clif, Rating: Bronze

AIR Music Technology



: Akai Miniak/Alesis Micron Controller by landschall, Rating: Platinum

Ample Sound

: LAYOUT: Ample Guitar controller by mlafontaineca, Rating: Silver

Antares Audio Technologies

: LAYOUT: Antares ATG template for iPhone by csucu, Rating: Silver


: LAYOUT: apeSoft iPulsaret Performance Layout by clif, Rating: Gold


: LAYOUT: Logic Pro by MIDI Designer Team (Dan), Rating: Silver

Applied Research and Technology (ART)

: LAYOUT: ART DR1 Digital Reverb by rob, Rating: Silver

Arturia  [ Show All 6 ]


Bastl Instruments

: Bastl Instruments MicroGranny 2 Controller by thetuesdaynightmachines, Rating: Bronze



: Layout: Cheetah MS6 (MAAD 1.3 fw) Editor by joelbrave, Rating: Silver


: LAYOUT: Clavia NORD LEAD 4 by stashhunter, Rating: Gold

Sequential (was DSI)  [ Show All 7 ]

Elektron Music Machines

Empress Effects Inc.  [ Show All 6 ]

E-MU Systems

: LAYOUT: E-MU Planet Phatt Sound Module by thedood, Rating: Gold


: iPhone with EnergyXT2 by mossontherock, Rating: Gold



Fractal Audio


: Glitchmachines Fracture Layout by clif, Rating: Gold

IK Multimedia

Impact Soundworks


: Soundscaper Layout for iPhone by clif, Rating: Gold

Indiginus Instruments


: Jomox MBase by landschall, Rating: Bronze

Kawai  [ Show All 7 ]


: Layout for the Kemper Modeling Guitar Amp by drkberman, Rating: Silver

Korg  [ Show All 14 ]

Lennar Digital

: LAYOUT : SYLENTH1 by ezb, Rating: Gold

Line6  [ Show All 8 ]

Meris  [ Show All 12 ]

Moog  [ Show All 9 ]

Mutable Instruments

Native Instruments




: LAYOUT: Peavey Spectrum Bass by thedood, Rating: Gold


: LAYOUTS: Pigtronix Infinity Looper and Line6 M5 by adamixoye, Rating: Silver


Radikal Technologies

: LAYOUT: Radikal Technologies Accelerator by michael-raleigh, Rating: Gold

Roland  [ Show All 34 ]

Sequential Circuits

Singular Sound

: LAYOUT: BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal by fretnomore, Rating: Gold

Sonic Potions

: LAYOUT: Sonic Potions LXR Digital Drum Synth by effegee, Rating: Gold


Spitfire Audio  [ Show All 6 ]

Steinberg Media Technologies (Yamaha)

: LAYOUT: Steinberg Wavelab Remote Control by mlafontaineca, Rating: Bronze

Sugar Bytes

: LAYOUT: Sugar Bytes Egoist Performance Layout by clif, Rating: Silver

A Tasty Pixel


: Layout:Tracktion 4 by azurecrystal, Rating: Bronze


UJAM instruments


: LAYOUT: Controller for EVERY ValhallaDSP Plug-in by deadbeatsynesthete, Rating: Gold

Vienna Symphonic Library

: LAYOUT: Vienna Smart Orchestra from VSL by mlafontaineca, Rating: Silver


Where's the Party At (WTPA)

: Layout: WTPA sampler. Where's The Party At? Here! by austingreen, Rating: Gold

Yamaha  [ Show All 23 ]



LAYOUT: Celtic Fiddle by Red Room Audio by mlafontaineca

Other/Unlisted Maker
This layout control the Celtic Fiddle from Red Room Audio.Deep-sampled Celtic fiddle library for Kontakt recorded in Dublin, Ireland with 20 standard articulations and traditional ornaments, plus Phra…


Layout: Ostinato Strings by Michel Lafontaine by mlafontaineca

Here is a MIDI Designer controller for the Ostinato Strings from Sonokinetic.

Ostinato Strings is an instrument for playing rhythmic string motifs, you can change the patterns by pressing…


Here is my Juno 106 Layout for Roland Cloud by beatfreq



LAYOUT: Bluegrass Fiddle by Red Room Audio by mlafontaineca

Other/Unlisted Maker
This layout control the Bluegrass Fiddle.Deep-sampled Bluegrass fiddle library for Kontakt recorded in Kentucky with over 25 standard articulations and traditional ornaments, plus Phrases & FX! 4 perf…


PAGE: Chase Bliss Thermae by mitchelldr

Other/Unlisted Maker
Here is a layout I use to control the Chase Bliss Thermae, please let me know of any improvements I can make. I will be updating this layout to add labels for the interval changes in the next week.


LAYOUT: ART DR1 Digital Reverb by rob

Applied Research and Technology (ART)


LAYOUT: Blue Street Brass by mlafontaineca

Indiginus Instruments
This Layout is a controller for the Blue Street Brass VSTi.



Elektron Octatrack Controller by thetuesdaynightmachines

Elektron Music Machines
This is a MIDI controller layout for the Elektron Octatrack, providing you with quick access to mutes, solos, triggers, chromatic keys, track volumes and more! It even works bidirectionally.…


LAYOUT: Ujam Virtual Bassist Royal by mlafontaineca

UJAM instruments
Virtual Bassist ROYAL is your all-round high-end session bass professional – always primed to reliably and effortlessly underpin most styles of popular music with its rounded electric fingerstyle to…


Layout: GM 1 Sound set by mlafontaineca

Original, Generic
The 128 program changes for GM1 sound set, labeled and color-coded. This is a useful layout in itself, and might be a useful starting point for something you want to create.


LAYOUT: Master Empress Layout (Phaser, Tremolo2, EchoSystem, Reverb) by therealpigpen

Empress Effects Inc.
(Update:  4 January 2020, posted newer version of the layout, incorporating firmware updates through 6.00 for Reverb and 2.06 for EchoSystem)Here's a layout featuring controls for every tradition…


LAYOUT: Ample Guitar controller by mlafontaineca

Ample Sound
This layout is a midi controller for the Ample Guitars. (AGM2, AGT2, AGL2)

You can find this plugin, among many others on amplesound.net



LAYOUT: TRK-01 by Native Instruments by mlafontaineca

Native Instruments

A friend of mine has a 25 key midi controller keyboard and it was difficult for him to control the TRK-1, so I made this simple but useful little layout.

Native Instrumen…


LAYOUT: Syntronik from IK Multimedia by mlafontaineca

IK Multimedia
Syntronik by IK Multimedia is "a cutting-edge virtual synthesizer that raises the bar in sound quality and flexibility thanks to the most advanced sampling techniques combined with a new hybrid sample…


LAYOUT: Empress Echosystem by mitchelldr

Empress Effects Inc.
Fully Functional Layout for Empress Echosystem. Will try and update later with visual improvements.


LAYOUT: Boom Wackers (BOX OF TRICKS Soniccouture) by mlafontaineca

Other/Unlisted Maker
Boom Wackers is a part of Imogen Heap Box of Tricks from Soniccouture.


This layout is very…


LAYOUT: Roland Jupiter-8 (Groove Electronics MIDI Mod) by qdrtshlz

This simple layout allows acces to all MIDI controllers that are exposed by the Groove Electronics MIDI modification from 1987 for the Roland Jupiter-8. Note, that the Groove MIDI interface does not e…


LAYOUT: MDP2 Masters Course - Tips and Techniques by jkhiser

I have used MidiDesigner Pro 2 to manage all controls on the RD-2000.  This has required using many MDP2 techniques.  While these techniques can be pulled out from the layouts, I have extrac…


LAYOUT: Kymatica Sector, for Performance by clif

This is a complete control layout for all of the new MIDI features in SECTOR by prolific layout designer Clif.


LAYOUT: Roland Alpha-Juno PG-300 by m_vinizm

Hi guys!

I did a layout to Roland Alpha-Juno. It was created and tested with Alpha-Juno 2. It sends sysex messages at channel # 1.

I tried to keep the design of the PG-300, b…


Remote Control for Adobe Lightroom (MIDI2LR) by clif

MIDI to control Adobe Lightroom? Of course! This layout controls a plugin for Mac and Windows called MIDI2LR... this basic layout will give you big ideas for where to go next.

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MIDI Controller for Alesis Micron and Akai Miniak

Title for Community Layout for Akai Miniak

MIDI Controller for Roland VG-99

Title for Community Layout for Roland VG-99

MIDI Controller for Roland JX-3P, JX-8P,
MKS-30, MKS-50, MKS-70, Juno 1 and Juno 2

Title for Community Layout for Roland 1980s Synths

MIDI Controller for Roland JD-990

Title for Community Layout for Roland JD-990

MIDI Controller for Line 6 DT-50 Series Amplifiers

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 DT50

MIDI Controller for Line 6 Pod X3 Live

Title for Community Layout for Line 6  Pod X3 Live

MIDI Controller for Line 6 Pod 2.0

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 Pod 2.0

MIDI Controller for Line 6 HD-500

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 HD-500

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