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LAYOUT: Empress EchoSystem, Trem, Phaser; Strymon Big Sky; Neunaber Expanse; EHX + microdesignum POG2 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverLAYOUT: Empress EchoSystem, Trem, Phaser; Strymon Big Sky; Neunaber Expanse; EHX + microdesignum POG2

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Rating: Silver
asked Sep 10, 2018 in Community Shares by therealpigpen (390 points)
edited Dec 16, 2018 by therealpigpen
Wow a lot going on here, very nice!  Thank you. I love avoiding the menu diving on the BigSky as well as all the presets on the Echosystem easily accessible.  It's nice to see people put MIDI designer to work by recalling settings for live sets as well.
This is great!  So are you using the buttons on your setlist page to send presets to your pedals?
kind of - the buttons with song info send PC to my master loop controller that loads up the first scene for that song, and also sends PC to the master MIDI clock for that song.   The master controller then sends out presets to my pedals.   I do it this way for two reasons:  one, It’s basically a quicker/easier way for me to get to the starting scene for the song than scrolling through Banks with my feet.   Two, my boards midi controller only supports three MIDI channels so with this method I only need to program the master MIDI clock for the first scene... if it was sharing a MIDI channel with another effect I’d have to program the tempo for each song scene.
Updated layout and photo posted
Thanks for keeping us updated! This is the most in depth BigSky layout I’ve seen yet!
Thanks for this layout, it will now appear in the Browse tab in MD.
Found a few gremlins in the layout while QC’ing it on an airplane.   When I’m back home I’ll test against my pedalboard and post an updated layout.   I’ll also post the tabs as individual layouts to simplify assembly of your own live rig control layout.