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Layout: M-Audio Venom - Single and Multi Editor - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: BronzeLayout: M-Audio Venom - Single and Multi Editor

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Rating: Bronze
asked Apr 13, 2019 in Community Shares by thefuze (150 points)
edited Jan 4 by thefuze
Thanks for sharing, thefuze! BTW, you can also add images to the post just like with any shared layout ;-)
Now it looks much better. Good job, thefuze!
Awesome start. Looking forward to see where this layout goes. Looks useful already!
Was this created on an iPad 2? (Images are 1024x768)
Thanks Dan.Yes it runs perfekt on my "old" Ipad 2 with an irig midi adapter. The synth has got its own Software to edit, but that runs only on Windows hardware. And tweaking knobs there doesn't run that smooth and easy as it does on IOS with midi designer. It's a very good mobile solution too. Especially the Venom synth (which is totally underrated) needs an editor to get access to all its huge functions and its fun to tweak it with midi Designer. But there are so many functions to edit that i am actually using 4 full Banks to get access to all single, multi and arpeggio edits. The win Software can send more midi lines on one knob or has got 2 different lines (f0 to f7) for on and off which is something i have to find or learn in midi designer.
Thanks, that's awesome. When this thing is done and looking sharp, we can screenshot it on a higher-resolution device for the post. I'm always amazed to hear about success stories with the iPad 2. At some point we're going to be forced to drop support in a future release... Apple is not making our lives easy.

On the other hand, some refurbished and used devices are quite cheap (but not free).

Congrats on this, excited to see where this layout lands!
Regarding your other question: If you can manage to break it out into an atomic, simple question with an example (perhaps extracted from this context entirely), we (and others) can more effectively answer is here. The answer might be "use Stream Byter" which is an IAP in MD.