A MIDI Controller for the Roland VG-99 V-Guitar System

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Roland VG-99 V-Guitar System

When Paul Hanson took the stage to introduce the VG-99 V-Guitar System at the Winter NAMM show 2007, the audience was amazed. That amazement continues even now. For many guitarists, the VG-99 is the guitar system that showed how Roland’s modeling technology could be musically relevant and even mind-blowing.

But this 8″ by 16″ box with a small LCD screen and a bunch of knobs and buttons is not ideal for realtime control. So, when Erik Hauri became a MIDI Designer Pro user in October 2012, his first project was to make a layout for the VG99. The MIDI controller he created is very pleasing to look at, but even more pleasurable to use. Great choice of color palette, spacing, fonts, and extensive use of XY pads are among the smart decisions that make this MIDI controller work.

We’re very lucky to have Erik bring us this welcome addition to MIDI Designer’s presence in the world of guitar. MIDI Designer is now the go-to MIDI controller for Line 6 gear (see layouts for the Pod X3, Pod 2.0, HD500, DT50) and we’re the official platform for the iPad MIDI controller for Auto-Tune® for Guitar by Antares (being used in the Peavey AT-200). And now, the Roland VG-99.

NEW Another, different VG99 layout here.

Instructions for Use

To get this tactile, real-time MIDI controller for the Roland VG-99:

  1. Download MIDI Designer Pro
  2. Check out the notes on the Community Site.
  3. Long press on the MIDI Designer layout and use “Open In…” to open it in MIDI Designer Pro or Lite unlocked.

MIDI Controller for iPad for Roland VG-99

NEW Another, different VG99 layout here.