Author and CEO
Dan Rosenstark

User #1 and Lead User Advocate
Mike Rosenstark

Core Test Team
Chris Gretton
Rainer Keizer
François Desnoyers
Georgios Demetriou
Frédéric Collet
Jared Taylor

Platforms Technical Advisor
Jose Santiago, Jr.
Lots of Smart People at

UX Advisor
Cindy “Hey Girl” Gordon

Marketing and Design Advisors
erika w brown
Stephan Wozniak
David Taylor

App Logo, App Icon
and Splash Screens

Dusan Klepic

3D Splash
Esteban Tolosa

French Translations of App Store Text
François Desnoyers
Frédéric Collet

Spanish Translations of App Store Text
Pol Neiman & Dan Rosenstark


Words cannot express my gratitude to the many wonderful MIDI Designer users who have downloaded, bought, reviewed, showcased, and given feedback about the App.

Huge thanks to Pete Goodliffe, iOS MIDI Deity.

Much gratitude to Tobias Erichsen, whose freeware rtpMIDI stack allows connections on Windows.

Fabulous tab icons thanks to Glyphish
and RawApps.

Wonderful textures been modified from GRSites.

Random Consultations With MIDI and Programming Experts Who,
For Some Reason, Gave Me The Time of Day
Kurt Revis
Nils at Humatic



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