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Admiral Quality

: LAYOUT: POLY-ANA VSTi by ezb, Rating: Gold


: Remote Control for Adobe Lightroom (MIDI2LR) by clif, Rating: Bronze

AIR Music Technology



: Akai Miniak/Alesis Micron Controller by landschall, Rating: Platinum

Ample Sound

: LAYOUT: Ample Guitar controller by mlafontaineca, Rating: Silver

Antares Audio Technologies

: LAYOUT: Antares ATG template for iPhone by csucu, Rating: Silver


: LAYOUT: apeSoft iPulsaret Performance Layout by clif, Rating: Gold


: LAYOUT: Logic Pro by MIDI Designer Team (Dan), Rating: Silver

Applied Research and Technology (ART)

: LAYOUT: ART DR1 Digital Reverb by rob, Rating: Silver

Arturia  [ Show All 6 ]


Bastl Instruments

: Bastl Instruments MicroGranny 2 Controller by thetuesdaynightmachines, Rating: Bronze



: Layout: Cheetah MS6 (MAAD 1.3 fw) Editor by joelbrave, Rating: Silver


: LAYOUT: Clavia NORD LEAD 4 by stashhunter, Rating: Gold

Sequential (was DSI)  [ Show All 7 ]

Elektron Music Machines

Empress Effects Inc.  [ Show All 6 ]

E-MU Systems

: LAYOUT: E-MU Planet Phatt Sound Module by thedood, Rating: Gold


: iPhone with EnergyXT2 by mossontherock, Rating: Gold



Fractal Audio


: Glitchmachines Fracture Layout by clif, Rating: Gold

IK Multimedia

Impact Soundworks


: Soundscaper Layout for iPhone by clif, Rating: Gold

Indiginus Instruments


: Jomox MBase by landschall, Rating: Bronze

Kawai  [ Show All 7 ]


: Layout for the Kemper Modeling Guitar Amp by drkberman, Rating: Silver

Korg  [ Show All 14 ]

Lennar Digital

: LAYOUT : SYLENTH1 by ezb, Rating: Gold

Line6  [ Show All 8 ]

Meris  [ Show All 12 ]

Moog  [ Show All 9 ]

Mutable Instruments

Native Instruments




: LAYOUT: Peavey Spectrum Bass by thedood, Rating: Gold


: LAYOUTS: Pigtronix Infinity Looper and Line6 M5 by adamixoye, Rating: Silver


Radikal Technologies

: LAYOUT: Radikal Technologies Accelerator by michael-raleigh, Rating: Gold

Roland  [ Show All 34 ]

Sequential Circuits

Singular Sound

: LAYOUT: BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal by fretnomore, Rating: Gold

Sonic Potions

: LAYOUT: Sonic Potions LXR Digital Drum Synth by effegee, Rating: Gold


Spitfire Audio  [ Show All 6 ]

Steinberg Media Technologies (Yamaha)

: LAYOUT: Steinberg Wavelab Remote Control by mlafontaineca, Rating: Bronze

Sugar Bytes

: LAYOUT: Sugar Bytes Egoist Performance Layout by clif, Rating: Silver

A Tasty Pixel


: Layout:Tracktion 4 by azurecrystal, Rating: Bronze


UJAM instruments


: LAYOUT: Controller for EVERY ValhallaDSP Plug-in by deadbeatsynesthete, Rating: Gold

Vienna Symphonic Library

: LAYOUT: Vienna Smart Orchestra from VSL by mlafontaineca, Rating: Silver


Where's the Party At (WTPA)

: Layout: WTPA sampler. Where's The Party At? Here! by austingreen, Rating: Gold

Yamaha  [ Show All 23 ]



Layout: Cheetah MS6 (MAAD 1.3 fw) Editor by joelbrave

Towards the end of the eighties, the British company Cheetah released their finest, the MS6. It's a 6-voice polyphonic/multitimbral analog synthesizer in a single-unit rack module. It has two digitally controlled oscillators per voice (12 DCOs) to provide better stability, and they sound surprisingly warm and musical. It's got the same sound chips (CEM 3396) as the Oberheim Matrix 6/6R and Matrix 1000 but the MS6 is multitimbral! Get creative with layering patches for ensembles or Trance heaven! Hidden within this little unit are some wonderful string, bass, lead, voice and percussion sounds!

This editor for MDP2 is mostly done except for bank/patch and multitimbral support.


LAYOUT: Korg DSS-1 Sampler/Synth by austingreen

This is to program the amazing KORG sleeper sampler synth from the 80's the perennial DSS-1, still to be had under $200! This synth rules, analog VCA, VCF, with samples as OSC's or from cool additive…


LAYOUT: Roland MKS-80 by qdrtshlz

Have an Roland MKS-80 and don't want to buy an overprized Roland MPG-80 controller? Or already have an MPG-80 and you are not satisfied with its laggy MIDI resolution. This layout for the Roland MKS-8…


LAYOUT: Programming interface/utility for Make Noise 0-Coast by realdrumunkey

Other/Unlisted Maker
Details, including link to video to come


LAYOUT: Reface Series System Editor by ibo-kai

Based on the feedback I got for my system editor for the Yamaha Reface CS, I decided to extend it and included the same functionality for Reface DX, Reface CP and Reface YC. All those system settings,…


Want a keyboard controller? by hymnotix-grooves

Original, Generic
This is a very rudimentary, one-octave note controller. It includes octave shift so that it can be used to cover notes from C-1 thru C8.


Roland SH-01a Boutique Series / Omnisphere 2.5 by noiseboyuk

This is a simple one page layout for Roland's boutique version of the classic SH-101. It was designed to also work with Omnisphere 2.5 via its Hardware Integration.


LAYOUT: Soundiron Steel Tones by mlafontaineca

Other/Unlisted Maker
New: A layout for the Skexutar instrumentThis layout is a complete controller for the Soundiron Steel Tones.Steel Tones is a multi-sampled metallic tuned percussion instrument library for Kontakt that…


LAYOUT: Roland FA Supernatural Synth (Juno-60 Workflow) by as77

Roland FA Supernatural Synth JUNO60 layout.

Modern workstations have many features to play with...sometimes too many features! So you can lose yourself to get your sounds. Roland FA has S…


LAYOUT: RD-2000 Rhythms by jkhiser

Direct access to all 190 RD 2000 Rhythm Patterns, arranged in a trigger matrix, grouped by genreControl tempo, volume, and output (main / sub)"Poor person's" sequencer to play rhythms in pre-arranged …


LAYOUT: Reface Series System Editor (iPhone) by ibo-kai

I made an iPhone version of my Reface system editor, because sometimes my iPad is busy with other tasks, when I want to quickly change some settings of my Reface. This layout allows to switch (nearly)…


Yamaha A3000 Remote by cb-legacy

The now-discontinued Yamaha A3000 is a "Professional Sampler [that] provides intuitive operation and maximum digital and analog flexibility for professional music work." However, it's 40 character x 2 line LCD leaves something to be desired. This is a work in progress to control some basic functions of the A3000.


PAGE: Meris Mercury 7 Controller by mitchelldr

Mercury 7 layout designed from Ottobit Jr layout made by fretnomore. Set to channel 2, please feel free to improve or let me know if there are any errors.


LAYOUT: Roland FA Supernatural Synth (Jupiter-8 Workflow) by as77

Another layout for the Roland FA workstation.Modern workstations have many features to play with...sometimes too many features! So you lose yourself to get your sounds. Roland FA has Supernatural Synt…


LINE6 DT50 LAYOUT MDP2 by fdesnoyers

The Line 6 DT50 212 Guitar Combo Amp is an awesome piece of gear: it has "an amplification system that is able to configure and adapt its analog components and digital modeling in real time. This means that when you select a model, the DT50 Amp instantly reconfigures the tube power section to provide the optimal tone. The digital section monitors the tube power section and can adjust the DSP in real-time." However, controlling it is a beast... before Master Layout Designer François Desnoyer created this powerful MIDI Designer layout. It's been completely refactored for MDP2 to have only two pages and 72 controls, but don't underestimate this one: it packs a wallop. The version before MDP2 required 6 pages and 227 controls!


LAYOUT: Korg Polysix VST (from Legacy Collection) by ibo-kai

Hot on the heels of his MonoPoly VST release (and borrowing elements from it), prolific master layout designer Ibo Kai releases this simpler controller for the Korg Polysix VST (from the KORG Legacy Collection Special Bundle). The Polysix VST is a 32-voice, digital remake of this analog synth released in 1981, and this layout will let you access all exposed parameters. The layout is simple as the VST allows for limited control, but it's well-made and useful. Enjoy!


PAGE: Preset Control for 3 Meris Pedals - Ottobitjr, Mercury7 and Polymoon by mitchelldr

Layout for controlling Polymoon on channel 1, Mercury 7 on channel 2 and Ottobit Jr on channel 3. Tap synch controls both Polymoon and Ottobit.


LAYOUT for PODHD500/DT50/GR55/NOVA System/NOVA Drive/GR55 (MDP2) by fdesnoyers

TC Electronic
Mixing and matching gear is essential for getting a guitar rig that reflects your individual style and sound. For a guitarist, matching the Pod HD500 and DT50 from Line 6 with the TC Electronic NDR-1 NOVA Drive and the Roland GR55 makes a lot of sense. Hence this layout by Master Layout Designer François Desnoyers. It's completely revamped for MDP2 to use just two pages, but it packs a huge punch. We're very lucky to have it!


LAYOUT: 856 for Zellersasn by Montréal Assembly by austingreen

Hello fine MD users. I’m sharing with you today a template to control the esoteric and eclectic 856 for Zellersasn from Montréal Assembly (makers of the amazing Count to 5 pedal.) It’s a pit…


PAGE: MERIS Polymoon Controller by mitchelldr

Polymoon Midi Layout, please let me know if there are any errors.


Korg Volca Series by louisb

Three layouts for the Volca Series by Korg. In these three layouts, LouisB manages to control most parameters of the Volca Keys, Volca Bass and Volca Beats. The Volca series is pretty amazing. To hear Korg tell it: "Following in the footsteps of the monotron, monotribe, and MS-20 Mini analog synthesizers, Korg announces the Volca series. Volca is a new lineup of EDM production tools comprised of three distinct models: the Volca Keys lead synthesizer, the Volca Bass synthesizer, and the Volca Beats rhythm machine. These powerful and fun-to-use true-analog devices deliver a diverse array of fat sounds that can be obtained only from an analog synthesizer." And amazing isn't amazing without control... hence these three awesome layouts!

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MIDI Controller for Alesis Micron and Akai Miniak

Title for Community Layout for Akai Miniak

MIDI Controller for Roland VG-99

Title for Community Layout for Roland VG-99

MIDI Controller for Roland JX-3P, JX-8P,
MKS-30, MKS-50, MKS-70, Juno 1 and Juno 2

Title for Community Layout for Roland 1980s Synths

MIDI Controller for Roland JD-990

Title for Community Layout for Roland JD-990

MIDI Controller for Line 6 DT-50 Series Amplifiers

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 DT50

MIDI Controller for Line 6 Pod X3 Live

Title for Community Layout for Line 6  Pod X3 Live

MIDI Controller for Line 6 Pod 2.0

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 Pod 2.0

MIDI Controller for Line 6 HD-500

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 HD-500

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