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Admiral Quality

: LAYOUT: POLY-ANA VSTi by ezb, Rating: Gold


: Remote Control for Adobe Lightroom (MIDI2LR) by clif, Rating: Bronze

AIR Music Technology



: Akai Miniak/Alesis Micron Controller by landschall, Rating: Platinum

Ample Sound

: LAYOUT: Ample Guitar controller by mlafontaineca, Rating: Silver

Antares Audio Technologies

: LAYOUT: Antares ATG template for iPhone by csucu, Rating: Silver


: LAYOUT: apeSoft iPulsaret Performance Layout by clif, Rating: Gold


: LAYOUT: Logic Pro by MIDI Designer Team (Dan), Rating: Silver

Applied Research and Technology (ART)

: LAYOUT: ART DR1 Digital Reverb by rob, Rating: Silver

Arturia  [ Show All 6 ]


Bastl Instruments

: Bastl Instruments MicroGranny 2 Controller by thetuesdaynightmachines, Rating: Bronze



: Layout: Cheetah MS6 (MAAD 1.3 fw) Editor by joelbrave, Rating: Silver


: LAYOUT: Clavia NORD LEAD 4 by stashhunter, Rating: Gold

Sequential (was DSI)  [ Show All 7 ]

Elektron Music Machines

Empress Effects Inc.  [ Show All 6 ]

E-MU Systems

: LAYOUT: E-MU Planet Phatt Sound Module by thedood, Rating: Gold


: iPhone with EnergyXT2 by mossontherock, Rating: Gold



Fractal Audio


: Glitchmachines Fracture Layout by clif, Rating: Gold

IK Multimedia

Impact Soundworks


: Soundscaper Layout for iPhone by clif, Rating: Gold

Indiginus Instruments


: Jomox MBase by landschall, Rating: Bronze

Kawai  [ Show All 7 ]


: Layout for the Kemper Modeling Guitar Amp by drkberman, Rating: Silver

Korg  [ Show All 14 ]

Lennar Digital

: LAYOUT : SYLENTH1 by ezb, Rating: Gold

Line6  [ Show All 8 ]

Meris  [ Show All 12 ]

Moog  [ Show All 9 ]

Mutable Instruments

Native Instruments




: LAYOUT: Peavey Spectrum Bass by thedood, Rating: Gold


: LAYOUTS: Pigtronix Infinity Looper and Line6 M5 by adamixoye, Rating: Silver


Radikal Technologies

: LAYOUT: Radikal Technologies Accelerator by michael-raleigh, Rating: Gold

Roland  [ Show All 34 ]

Sequential Circuits

Singular Sound

: LAYOUT: BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal by fretnomore, Rating: Gold

Sonic Potions

: LAYOUT: Sonic Potions LXR Digital Drum Synth by effegee, Rating: Gold


Spitfire Audio  [ Show All 6 ]

Steinberg Media Technologies (Yamaha)

: LAYOUT: Steinberg Wavelab Remote Control by mlafontaineca, Rating: Bronze

Sugar Bytes

: LAYOUT: Sugar Bytes Egoist Performance Layout by clif, Rating: Silver

A Tasty Pixel


: Layout:Tracktion 4 by azurecrystal, Rating: Bronze


UJAM instruments


: LAYOUT: Controller for EVERY ValhallaDSP Plug-in by deadbeatsynesthete, Rating: Gold

Vienna Symphonic Library

: LAYOUT: Vienna Smart Orchestra from VSL by mlafontaineca, Rating: Silver


Where's the Party At (WTPA)

: Layout: WTPA sampler. Where's The Party At? Here! by austingreen, Rating: Gold

Yamaha  [ Show All 23 ]



Layout: Jupiter Xm ZEN_Core Editor by jkhiser

The Jupiter Xm is a powerful, complex sound tool, trapped behind a small screen.  ZEN-Core is a flexible synth construct with hundreds of settings.  This MDP2 layout brings the ZEN-Core sett…


LAYOUT: Roland JX-8P, designed for patch creation and live performance by deadbeatsynesthete

Hey guys!So thanks to the awesome layouts that Rainer K made, I was really inspired to build one specifically for the JX-8P. The foundation of my design is based on Patch development and Live per…


LAYOUT: Shruthi by Mutable Instruments (Synth, Mod Matrix, & Grids) by deadbeatsynesthete

Mutable Instruments
This layout is designed for the fantastic DIY hybrid monosynth that is the Shruthi.

The firmware that it caters to is v0.97, as that is the latest firmware as of July 19 2013, and also what is on my unit. I did not include the arpeggiator / sequencer functions on this layout, but I may add support for them in the future. Also, be aware that there were issues with the modulation matrix parameters when live routing via a Mac OS X Network Session. Using http://confusionists.com/software.mjdj.aspx or connecting the iPad directly to the Shruthi alleviates this problem.


LAYOUT: Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) MoPho by deadbeatsynesthete

Sequential (was DSI)
This layout is designed for the fantastic sounding and surprisingly deep analog monosynth that is the DSI MoPho.

All parameters are controlled using NRPN commands instead of CC values, which allows for more precision and control of more parameters.


LAYOUT: Yamaha TX81Z by michael-raleigh

I noticed that there were a lot of DX layouts out there, but not one for the quite popular (and cheap) TX81Z. So I modified Ibo Kai's DX27 (I think) layout since the sysex for each parameter is very s…



Admiral Quality
The Poly-Ana VST by Admiral Quality is an "Analog Model Polyphonic Synthesizer" which first released in 2007 to critical acclaim. From there, it's improved to meet user critique. It produces classic analog sounds "inside the box," and EZB has does the amazing work of bringing this plugin to life with a real iPad UI. The controller has hundreds of controls to access all aspects of this plugin directly.

You'll need to check the Q&A entry to get the mapping file and instructions for install.




Lennar Digital
Another COMPLETE controller by Master Layout Designer EZB to control "the most popular VST on the Planet." It's "a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer that takes the definitions of quality and performance to a higher level. Until now only very few software synthesizers have been able to stand up to the sound quality standards of hardware synths. Sylenth1 is one that does." This layout covers all the bases and reorganized the interface of the synth to make sense in an iPad MIDI controller. Big hats off to EZB for this amazing contribution!

Be sure to check out the notes for mapping the layout to the plug, and to understand the different versions and what goes where. Enjoy!


Layout: Korg 707 (released V1.5) by ibo-kai

The Korg 707, released in 1987, has been referred to as a "Multitimbral Yamaha DX27," but the unlike the DX27 the 707 is a keytar: guitar strap buttons, a 49-keyboard, and optional battery power bring FM synthesis to a new way of working. But like all of that 80s tech, the front panel is awkward. That's where Ibo Kai's layout comes in. It's the ridiculously high quality we've come to expect of this Master Layout Designer. He writes that it's "for sound programming. All SINGLE parameters are covered. Only the naming and write process has to be done on the synth itself." As usual, the layout looks great: amazing attention to aesthetics and workflow. And it's in Version 1.5. [As always, be sure to check the release notes on the QA site]


LAYOUT: Kawai K5000 Macro Control by ibo-kai

Another tiny masterpiece from Ibo Kai! "This layout resembles the Kawai Macro Control Box, a piece of hardware, that adds certain sound control to a K5000W or K5000R, both of which lack those knobs (which were present in the K5000S only). This is purely MIDI CC and I added the Channel selector as well." The Macro Control is a Unicorn in music tech: it's very useful if you own a K5000 or a K5000R, but almost impossible to find. Enjoy this virtual version thanks to Ibo Kai!


LAYOUT: Korg iElectribe Tweak and Play by clif

Great layout for the iElectric for iPad. It also works with the iElectribe Gorillaz Edition, and can even control both at the same time for total craziness. Nice!


LAYOUT: apeSoft iPulsaret Performance Layout by clif

This layout is for apeSoft's iPulsaret for iPad or iPhone. All the available controls are covered, and some of the FX controls have been translated to X-Y pads to open up some performance possibilities.


Glitchmachines Fracture Layout by clif

A replica of the built-in controller for Fracture by Glitchmachines.


LAYOUT: Xpressive Keys by ibo-kai

Original, Generic
This is an original instrument from Master Layout Author Ibo Kai. Inspired by the Linnstrument and Eigenharp, Xpressive Keys allows the player to play a key and then modify the pitch (slightly) by moving off-axis in the X-dimension. Moving off-center in the Y-dimension allows the user to change the Modulation (usually to alter the sound character). The layout is made to be modified easily by other users in Design Mode: "when you go to Design mode, 2 further controls will pop up at the top left, below the name. Here you can change the function of vertical and horizontal movements on the keys. This will change the whole keyboard (because the keys are all supercontrols of these)"... it's a brilliant and original entry, and opens the door to further riffs on this layout.


Soundscaper Layout for iPhone by clif

According to the author: "This is a master control layout for the iPad app, Soundscaper. This layout takes a "control differently" approach by mapping each of the main controls to the associated parameters for all 3 oscillators. So, for example, turning the Clock knob will simultaneously change the clock speed for all 3 oscillators. I think you'll find this adds a whole new dimension to the app."


LAYOUT: Ventris Dual Delay - Show/hide panels with effect parameter labels by fretnomore

Source Audio
I've updated my Ventris layout now that we have layers that can be hidden and shown.
Great function - I've waited almost two years for it This effect pedal has up to six additional effect parame…


Layout for the Novation PEAK synthesizer by andyv

I bet you’re wondering, “why would I need a midi design or layout for such a synth with so many damn knobs?“





Animoog for iPad! by hymnotix

Animoog for iPad: All Animoog settings on one page. Opens the door for all kinds of uses, including mixing several MIDI targets in one layout.


LAYOUT: Kawai K5/K5m by thedood

I recently got hold of one of these in pristine condition, after years of searching, as I needed to complete the set, a K1m, K3m, K4m and K5m. Its the weirdest synth Ive ever used. I love it and hate …


LAYOUT: Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar (Impact Soundworks) by mlafontaineca by mlafontaineca

Impact Soundworks
Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar from Impact Soundworks is a stunning collection of three virtual instruments tailor-made for gypsy jazz and swing music!This layout control the Django Lead, the Django Rhythm …


LAYOUT: Meris Enzo controls and presets by mitchelldr

Here is a layout for the new Meris pedal. Layout  should work on channel 7.

I added a presets pages specifically for the Enzo this time, this page recalls the presets saved on the pe…


Layout for the Ensoniq ESQM by andyv

Hello Folks!Submitted for your approval is a basic sysex sound editor for the Ensoniq ESQM This was created with MD Pro 2.131 I encourage you to redesign and share as you see fit. …

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MIDI Controller for Alesis Micron and Akai Miniak

Title for Community Layout for Akai Miniak

MIDI Controller for Roland VG-99

Title for Community Layout for Roland VG-99

MIDI Controller for Roland JX-3P, JX-8P,
MKS-30, MKS-50, MKS-70, Juno 1 and Juno 2

Title for Community Layout for Roland 1980s Synths

MIDI Controller for Roland JD-990

Title for Community Layout for Roland JD-990

MIDI Controller for Line 6 DT-50 Series Amplifiers

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 DT50

MIDI Controller for Line 6 Pod X3 Live

Title for Community Layout for Line 6  Pod X3 Live

MIDI Controller for Line 6 Pod 2.0

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 Pod 2.0

MIDI Controller for Line 6 HD-500

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 HD-500

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