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Admiral Quality

: LAYOUT: POLY-ANA VSTi by ezb, Rating: Gold


: Remote Control for Adobe Lightroom (MIDI2LR) by clif, Rating: Bronze

AIR Music Technology



: Akai Miniak/Alesis Micron Controller by landschall, Rating: Platinum

Ample Sound

: LAYOUT: Ample Guitar controller by mlafontaineca, Rating: Silver

Antares Audio Technologies

: LAYOUT: Antares ATG template for iPhone by csucu, Rating: Silver


: LAYOUT: apeSoft iPulsaret Performance Layout by clif, Rating: Gold


: LAYOUT: Logic Pro by MIDI Designer Team (Dan), Rating: Silver

Applied Research and Technology (ART)

: LAYOUT: ART DR1 Digital Reverb by rob, Rating: Silver

Arturia  [ Show All 6 ]


Bastl Instruments

: Bastl Instruments MicroGranny 2 Controller by thetuesdaynightmachines, Rating: Bronze



: Layout: Cheetah MS6 (MAAD 1.3 fw) Editor by joelbrave, Rating: Silver


: LAYOUT: Clavia NORD LEAD 4 by stashhunter, Rating: Gold

Sequential (was DSI)  [ Show All 7 ]

Elektron Music Machines

Empress Effects Inc.  [ Show All 6 ]

E-MU Systems

: LAYOUT: E-MU Planet Phatt Sound Module by thedood, Rating: Gold


: iPhone with EnergyXT2 by mossontherock, Rating: Gold



Fractal Audio


: Glitchmachines Fracture Layout by clif, Rating: Gold

IK Multimedia

Impact Soundworks


: Soundscaper Layout for iPhone by clif, Rating: Gold

Indiginus Instruments


: Jomox MBase by landschall, Rating: Bronze

Kawai  [ Show All 7 ]


: Layout for the Kemper Modeling Guitar Amp by drkberman, Rating: Silver

Korg  [ Show All 14 ]

Lennar Digital

: LAYOUT : SYLENTH1 by ezb, Rating: Gold

Line6  [ Show All 8 ]

Meris  [ Show All 12 ]

Moog  [ Show All 9 ]

Mutable Instruments

Native Instruments




: LAYOUT: Peavey Spectrum Bass by thedood, Rating: Gold


: LAYOUTS: Pigtronix Infinity Looper and Line6 M5 by adamixoye, Rating: Silver


Radikal Technologies

: LAYOUT: Radikal Technologies Accelerator by michael-raleigh, Rating: Gold

Roland  [ Show All 34 ]

Sequential Circuits

Singular Sound

: LAYOUT: BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal by fretnomore, Rating: Gold

Sonic Potions

: LAYOUT: Sonic Potions LXR Digital Drum Synth by effegee, Rating: Gold


Spitfire Audio  [ Show All 6 ]

Steinberg Media Technologies (Yamaha)

: LAYOUT: Steinberg Wavelab Remote Control by mlafontaineca, Rating: Bronze

Sugar Bytes

: LAYOUT: Sugar Bytes Egoist Performance Layout by clif, Rating: Silver

A Tasty Pixel


: Layout:Tracktion 4 by azurecrystal, Rating: Bronze


UJAM instruments


: LAYOUT: Controller for EVERY ValhallaDSP Plug-in by deadbeatsynesthete, Rating: Gold

Vienna Symphonic Library

: LAYOUT: Vienna Smart Orchestra from VSL by mlafontaineca, Rating: Silver


Where's the Party At (WTPA)

: Layout: WTPA sampler. Where's The Party At? Here! by austingreen, Rating: Gold

Yamaha  [ Show All 23 ]



LAYOUT: Source Audio, Ventris Dual Reverb by fretnomore

Source Audio
A work in progress (most of it works though).

Not working yet: some Dual Mode Controls (Control1/Level A, Control2/Level B and Dual Mode Option Tap/Hold assignments); I'm investigating th…


LAYOUT: Line 6 Pod 2.0 by gtroc71

With many many thanks to fdesnoyers here is my setup for Pod 2.0. After seeing his designs for Line6 products I had to try Midi Designer.I thought I would be able to build an interface for my HD-500 b…


LAYOUT: Yamaha reface CS editor update by ibo-kai

I updated my reface CS editor (mainly system setting editor) with a Streambyter input rule, so now I can grab the current settings from reface to see, what they are and change them if required. I had …


IKM UNO Synth Full MIDI Access Controller by haQ attaQ by foona

IK Multimedia
MIDI Designer Pro 2 Control Surface for IK Multimedia UNO Synth by haQ attaQIMPORTANT: Template was made for iPad and will not display properly when loaded on iPhone!There are a lot of features and fu…


LAYOUT: Radikal Technologies Accelerator by michael-raleigh

Radikal Technologies
This is a layout I've made for the Radikal Technologies Accelerator. The Accelerator is a very deep VA synthesizer which has a matrix style editor but lacks an array of knobs/sliders. This templa…


LAYOUT: Yamaha DX7/TX7 by ezb

Layout for Yamaha's DX7/TX7 Reface. Now in version 1.3, this newly-refactored layout controls many parameters of the DX7.


LAYOUT: Yamaha AN200/PLG-100AN/AN1X Editor by locosynth

Yamaha AN200 one knob per function editor with full implementation of all SYSEX functions of the synth including modulation matrix. This completely unlocks the synth portion of the AN200 which is an incredible VA synthesizer. Should also work with PLG-100AN and AN1X, although a few functions on the AN200 are not present on the AN1X.


LAYOUTS: Pigtronix Infinity Looper and Line6 M5 by adamixoye

Pages to control your Line 6 M5 and your Pigtronix Infinity Looper. Useful and compact. Check the author's description for more info. Enjoy!


PAGES: Eventide Pitchfactor and Eventide Modfactor by adamixoye

Eventide Pitchfactor and Eventide Modfactor Layouts (one page each)

Selected presets are supercontrols of the primary preset knob(s).

I don't have a list of CC values handy f…


LAYOUT: Performance Editor for Yamaha Reface DX by ibo-kai

Rainer Award Winner Ibo Kai decided to make a PERFORMANCE layout for the Yamaha Reface DX, and we're ecstatic to have it! All of his layouts are beautiful and well-conceived. This is a one-page layout but it packs a lot of punch. As the author says it: "While I think [Yamaha] created a great UI for programming FM voices, which is lightyears ahead of the old DX synths, plus you can play a loop and change a couple of parameters on the fly, I found I wanted some even more direct access to live-tweaking several things in parallel."

"This layout is pretty simple, just one page shows all the available functions. It is mainly what you find in the 'FM' keypad of the synth: frequencies, levels and feedback settings separately per operator plus the algorithm select."

So this gives you a new way to work with your Reface DX. Exciting stuff, enjoy!


LAYOUT: East West Quantum Leap Gypsy Violin by mlafontaineca

Other/Unlisted Maker
Here is a controller for the East West Quantum Leap Gypsy Violin from Soundsonline. With so many keyswitches (24) the Gypsy violin is not easy to play. Fortunatly we have MIDI Designer.



LAYOUT: KORG Gadget Miami Wobble Ctrl - haQ attaQ by foona

We're proud to show off this simple-but-useful layout by iOS Music Superstar Jakob Haq for the Korg Gadget. The author says, "This layout allows one to control the Wobble filter section inside KORG Gagdet Miami. This includes buttons for wobble rates along with knobs controlling Cutoff, crush, and wobble depth." Be sure to check out "haQ attaQ episode 174" on YouTube to see the layout in use.



Sequential Circuits
The Six-Trak came out in 1984, and it's the older, cheaper brother of the Prophet 5, darling of 1970's rock. The Six-Trak is a fully analog synth, one of the first multi-timbral synthesizers and MIDI. But its coolest feature is an on-board six-track digital sequencer, which is why it's called Six-Trak.

EZB -- one of the most prolific MIDI Designer layout authors -- made this wonderful little layout for the Six-Trak sight unseen! This is an amazing feat. If you have a Six-Trak please let the author know how it goes (reports so far are very positive). Enjoy!


LAYOUTS: Source Audio Manta Bass Filter and Bass OFD by adamixoye

Source Audio
Our users continue to surprise us with new gear and new layouts. Source Audio gear is well-known and well-respected, and these two pages pack a lot of control in a small space thanks to Named Ticks. The front panel on both of these effects pedals is quite nice, but... pedals go on the ground!

The Source Audio Manta "features 12 finely crafted filter effects plus eight variations of distortion.. [they] are not just crunch, or amp simulation; they are specifically designed to work in tandem with the filter effect selections. The pedal’s filters are controllable by its 2 envelope followers, or sine, square, and saw tooth LFO." And it's controllable via MIDI via the Soundblox HUB (which is how adamixoye gets control).

The OFD Bass microModeler "packs a comprehensive, low-end enhanced collection of new and vintage overdrive, fuzz, and distortion tones into a single stage-ready stompbox perfect for bassists of all genres." Like the Manta, it's also controllable via MIDI via the Soundblox HUB.


Simple Keyboard Layout by clif

Original, Generic
A simple keyboard to incorporate in your layouts. There's also an X-Y control, 2 assignable knobs, and 2 assignable buttons (marked Hold and Run).


Layout: Kawai K1r Vector Control by ibo-kai

As the author tells it:

This is a layout for live control of the Kawai K1r.

As the rack version of the K1 lacks the vector stick, which you find on the keyboard and the desktop module (in both cases it does neither send nor receive MIDI control), I was looking for a way to get this function from MIDI Designer.

And I got it to work in this layout. The advantage here to the actual vector stick on the K1 is, that this is MIDI sysex, so you can reord it in your sequencer!

I also added 2 knobs to control the amplitude modulation, one for sources 1+2, another for 3+4. For both you can switch it on, off and to reverse mode.


LAYOUT: Sugar Bytes Egoist Performance Layout by clif

Sugar Bytes
This layout by iOS-music evangelist from Apptronica takes a performance-oriented approach to Egoist from Sugar Bytes. This layout was designed for the iOS version of Egoist, but should be usable for the desktop version as well. Check out the video and instructions before using.



Editor for the Oberheim Matrix 6. If you're familier with the MIDI & SYSEX specs on the Matrix 6 you'll know that the Mod Matrix section can't be programmed from an external editor. The modulation sec…


LAYOUT: Line 6 M9 by joem6375

Hey All, I created a Layout for the Line 6 M9. It has the 4 Folders and all the presets that correspond with the M9's library. In addition, there is a section for all individial on/off FX per scene. A…


iPhone Layout for POD HD500/DT50/NOVA Drive/NOVA SYSTEM/Gr-55 by fdesnoyers

TC Electronic
Controlled devicesPOD HD500 from LINE6DT50 212 Tube AMP from LINE6 (controlled by POD HD500)NOVA SYSTEM from TC ElectronicNOVA DRIVE from TC ElectronicGR-55 guitar synthesizer from RolandThanks to&nbs…


LAYOUT: Evolution Jumbo 12 from Orange Tree Samples by mlafontaineca

Other/Unlisted Maker
The best way to use this layout is to record the notes and then add the articulations and effects with MIDI Designer Pro 2.


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MIDI Controller for Alesis Micron and Akai Miniak

Title for Community Layout for Akai Miniak

MIDI Controller for Roland VG-99

Title for Community Layout for Roland VG-99

MIDI Controller for Roland JX-3P, JX-8P,
MKS-30, MKS-50, MKS-70, Juno 1 and Juno 2

Title for Community Layout for Roland 1980s Synths

MIDI Controller for Roland JD-990

Title for Community Layout for Roland JD-990

MIDI Controller for Line 6 DT-50 Series Amplifiers

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 DT50

MIDI Controller for Line 6 Pod X3 Live

Title for Community Layout for Line 6  Pod X3 Live

MIDI Controller for Line 6 Pod 2.0

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 Pod 2.0

MIDI Controller for Line 6 HD-500

Title for Community Layout for Line 6 HD-500

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