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LAYOUT: Meris Fleet (Hedra, Enzo, Ottobit Jr., Polymoon, Mercury7) (v2) - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverLAYOUT: Meris Fleet (Hedra, Enzo, Ottobit Jr., Polymoon, Mercury7) (v2)

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Rating: Silver
asked Jul 20, 2019 in Community Shares by lapractica (270 points)
edited Aug 11, 2019 by lapractica
Awesome, glad we have Meris stuff covered.... personally I wish I was a guitarist (and used outboard gear instead of being all inside the box) to enjoy some of this brilliance. I know it's pretty magical to get this much control of a pedal.
I added some links and descriptions to your post. Very cool and congrats... HIGH SILVER!
Thanks for doing that!
It really changes the way you play the Meris stuff, having it all laid out before you like this. It's made my workflow better and I feel like I really understand these pedals now because of how in depth I can go with the app. It's awesome! Thank you!
Huge congrats on this layout. It's awesome in so many ways and it's amazing to see how much interest there is on the Meris stuff. I hope you're still finding it useful, happy New Year!