Stand-alone MDs now available for MDP2

The former stand-alone MIDI Designer applications MDXG and MDClav are now available as layouts to use in MIDI Designer.

MIDI Designer XG (MDXG) provides easily access the often hidden YAMAHA XG sounds built-into YAMAHA’s XG compatible instruments, including all CVP Clavinovas, and certain top end CLP Clavinovas, Avant Grands, Portable Keyboards and Workstations.

MIDI Designer CLAV (MDClav) provides convenient access many of the voices and functions available in the Clavinova’s built-in LCD screen located to the left of the keyboard. MDClav brings these functions (and many HIDDEN ones) FRONT AND CENTER on an iPad placed on the instrument’s music rack.

These layouts are provided courtesy of contact: craig [at] thepianoguys [dot] com

Update to a classic layout – RD 2000 Manager

The RD 2000 layout has been one of our classics since the first version was uploaded in 2018.  There were multiple updates until the layout was mature (and completely full) in 2020.

Usually, when a board gets to ~ five years old, you do not expect much new content from the manufacturer.  However, Roland recently released a V-Piano expansion pack for the RD 2000, based on a German Concert Grand.  It includes 17 new tones built on the German Concert Grand model.  (The supporting software update for the RD 2000 has two new expansions slots, so hopefully we will see another V-Piano expansion.)

The original update intent for the RD 2000 Manager was simply to add the 17 new tones to the picker.  However, the improvements in MDP2 since the last Manger release meant there was lots of opportunity to improve functionality of the layout.

Updates include:
– Support for German Concert Grand
– Sound Chain Functional View
– Sympathetic Resonance Editor (from the RD 2000 Piano Manager)
– Interface Upgrades and simplification

Sound design capability with the V-Pianos is nearly unlimited.  While Roland provides 17 new tones, you can use the V-Piano Designer and Individual Tuning to create your own sounds based on the German Concert Grand.  The RD 2000 Piano Editor layout provides a set of tools to simplify customizing your piano design.  (Check back – we expect an update to the Piano Editor based on the new German Concert Grand content.)

See more at

Learn about the Roland V-Piano

— New sound chain functional view

And don’t forget, MDP2 now runs on Apple Silicon Macs.

Editors for Classic Roland Synthesizers

MIDI Designer Pro has multiple community layouts (editors) for classic (and current) Roland Synthesizers. From the Integra-7 to the Jupiter X(m), MDP2 has a solution.  Not just synths, but pianos and effects.

Our users have shared quality, comprehensive, performant layouts for the A-01, Alpha Juno PG-300, Boss Katana, D-50, FA-06, Fantom X, GR-55, Integra-7, JD-990, JU-06, Jupiter X(m), Jupiter-8 (Groove Mod), JX-3P, JX-8P, MC-303, MKS-30, MKS-50, MKS-80, RD-2000, RD-88, SH-01a, TB-3 Bassline, and VG-99

Current count is 36, and growing.

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