Editors for Classic Roland Synthesizers

MIDI Designer Pro has multiple community layouts (editors) for classic (and current) Roland Synthesizers. From the Integra-7 to the Jupiter X(m), MDP2 has a solution.  Not just synths, but pianos and effects.

Our users have shared quality, comprehensive, performant layouts for the A-01, Alpha Juno PG-300, Boss Katana, D-50, FA-06, Fantom X, GR-55, Integra-7, JD-990, JU-06, Jupiter X(m), Jupiter-8 (Groove Mod), JX-3P, JX-8P, MC-303, MKS-30, MKS-50, MKS-80, RD-2000, RD-88, SH-01a, TB-3 Bassline, and VG-99

Current count is 36, and growing.

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