Version 1.3 Adjustments to Supercontrols

Both through my interactions with users (via email and Twitter, mostly), using MIDI Designer in my own rig, and the feedback from my test team, I begin to make small adjustments and improvements.

Here are two. The first came up because I control a CamelPhat instance in my own rig. When I send a program change from MIDI Designer, CamelPhat updates all of my controls in MIDI Designer, but the pedalboards were not getting updated. To compensate we have:

1. Subcontrols turned by hardware will spin supercontrols on pedalboard if their page is showing

2. Subcontrols on regular pages with supercontrols on regular pages will spin all supers that have only one child.

If you are using these advanced features of MIDI Designer and the FAQ doesn’t answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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