Emoji for Your Labels!

I wasn’t aware of this until Mike Rosenstark pointed it out this morning. You can use Emoji — those cute little emoticons that the Japanese have somewhat standardized (read more in the Wikipedia article) — in your MIDI Designer labels, both on pages and controls.

Even better: you don’t have to pay for this feature. It’s already built into your iPad!

Short Instructions
Turn on the Emoji international keyboard in your iPad settings.

Long Instructions
Go to settings:

Select International:

Select Keyboards:

Tap “Add New Keyboard”:

Scroll down and select “Emoji”:

Now you can switch between keyboards using the “Globe” on your keyboard (to the left of the spacebar):

Now you can use Emoji in controls and page labels!

Note: If you’re using the Japanese keyboard, you can already access Emoji directly, but you probably know that already.

Update 2014-04-18
Emoji don’t size well, but a lot of the great stuff that does scale up can be found in the Kanji and other non-Western keyboards.

Update 2014-06-16
Emoji size perfectly well in iOS 7!

Emoji Size Perfectly in iOS 7 with MIDI Designer

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