Q&A Site Social Login and Layout-Sharing Site Launches

While Apple gnaws on the 1.3.7 update (should be released in the next few days, watch for the announcement here), I’m working on the MIDI Designer website. Two big changes: Social Login and the launch of the Layout Sharing Site.

Q&A Site Allows for Social Login

The Q&A site has really been taking off, but users have not been registering with the site. This makes a lot of sense. Who wants to do another login and password for every product they own? Now, you can register on the MIDI Designer website with your login from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and several other options (thanks to OneAll and WordPress).

In addition, thanks to ShareThis! you can share any post on MIDI Designer (even this one!) via a variety of social networks.

Sharing of MIDI Designer Layouts Begins!

MIDI Designer users have been asking for a place to share MIDI Designer layouts since we launched. Finally, via the Q&A site, we provide this functionality.

You can include arbitrary attachments (like your .mididesigner files), images, PDFs and descriptions/instructions/notes about your layout. Let the sharing begin!

(Huge thanks to Question2Answer! None of this would be possible without you. And I should mention StackExchange, who invented all of this)

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