Named Ticks, New in MIDI Designer 1.5.1

This article applies to all dynamic controls: Knobs, Slider, Crossfaders, and XY-Pads. Named Ticks is a new feature in 1.5.1 (May 2013). Ticks have always been a feature of MIDI Designer.

Normal Ticks

Before named ticks there were always ticks in MIDI Designer.

By default, a knob has 128 ticks (or “steps,” from 0-127).

Adjust Normal Ticks

In MIDI Designer you can can adjust ticks by adjusting:

  • number of ticks for the control
  • display min and max of the control
  • MIDI min and max of the control

By default, a knob has 128 ticks, a display min-max of 0-127 and a MIDI min-max of 0-127.

You can create a lot of what you need this way.

What You Can Do With Normal Ticks

  • Make a full-range knob that goes from -5 to +5.
  • Create a half-range slider that goes from 0-500 by 10s.
  • Create a crossfader that goes from -10 to 0 and sends 0-127.

Named Ticks

Named Ticks allow you to define each tick (or “step”) of a dynamic control. Define as many ticks as you need. Each tick has:

  • a MIDI value
  • a Display value
  • a Name

MIDI Designer also provides a rich editor for named ticks. The editor provides automatic re-numbering and direct text entry.

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