MIDI Designer 2.5: More Tools

Service Release MIDI Designer Pro 2 v2.5.1 is now out. It fixes two minor issues in MDP2 v2.5.
See details in the Change Log.

MIDI Designer Pro 2 v2.5 is coming this Saturday, December 10, 2016 for MDP2*. More tools! We’re adding new features and fixes to make the best MIDI controller experience for iOS even better. It’s a medium-weight upgrade, providing more flexibility for your rig design and editor creation.

Big New Features

  • Movable Panels: put controls on panels, move them around, and even use “make similar.” This feature is very useful as is, and we’ve got big plans for it.

  • Display Zero for Knobs, Sliders and Crossfaders: now the LED ring (knobs) or LED track (sliders/crossfaders) can extend out from any point along its path. Two typical cases are pan knobs (Display Zero is 50% up) and Hammond-organ bars (Display Zero is 100% up). Requires Extra Features Pack to include in a layout; free to use for all.

  • Rotary action for knobs: This is useful to place knobs near the top or bottom of your pages. It also means we’re compatible with gadgets that stick on your screen and rotate, if that’s your thing. Requires Extra Features Pack to include in a layout; free to use for anybody.

Medium-Sized New Features

  • Pedalboards Expose Down: Now you can slide your pages down or up to expose pedalboards. And if you don’t allow pedalboards in Play Mode, they’ll snap shut when you exit Design Mode.
  • Default Value Experience Upgrade: Default Values work properly with Named Ticks, even if your ticks’ MIDI values are out of order (e.g., 5, 127, 2).

Xcode 8, iOS 10

Lots and lots and lots of code changed in the upgrade to iOS 10 (Swift 3 and Xcode 8). See something, say something! Please report all bugs to wtf [at] mididesigner.com


  • Fixed: Now no MIDI values are sent on MIDI Designer start, layout load, page load, nor reset to default template (Config -> Actions -> New)
  • Fixed: Default values for named ticks
  • Fixed: Bluetooth popup bug for iPhone introduced in 2.4.6
  • Fixed: Smaller bugs, and lots of under-the-hood improvements to make MD even better.

*For existing users of MIDI Designer Limited and MIDI Designer Lite, it’s going to be coming in the middle of next week.

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