Layering in MIDI Designer

MIDI Designer release 1.5 introduces front-back layering in MIDI Designer. This means, simply, that you can:

  • put a control on top of another one (overlapping or completely enclosed)
  • consistently layer: your layering will not change in performance mode and is saved with the layout.


How to Layer

  • When a control is touched in Design Mode, it is automatically brought to the front
  • To send a control to the back, use Actions -> Send to Back



  • On iPad, controls that span both pages cannot be layered behind controls on the right page. This problem currently has no solution and typically affects only one-big-page users.
  • Panels do not enter the layering scheme for MIDI Designer. They are always behind controls. If your panels ever appear over the controls, switch pages and switch back. This is a small defect in 1.5 that will be fixed soon.

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