New Keyboard Shapes in MIDI Designer 1.5.1

New in 1.5.0

Piano Keys

In MIDI Designer 1.5.0. we introduced piano-key shapes in MIDI Designer.

New in 1.5.1: Piano Key Shape (No Cutout)

In 1.5.1, button shapes got an additional key shape to handle your keyboard ending in C. Keyboard shapes allow for all kinds of unique and new possibilities.

New in 1.5.1: Hex Keys

Hexagonal keys have been used in isomorphic or generalized keyboards since Bosanquet’s original investigation in 1875. Isomorphic keyboards have a rich history and present interesting advantages over normal (“asymmetric”) keyboards (read more about Isomorphic Keyboards at altKeyboards).

But hexagonal keys have other uses, too, including the pioneering use in drums by Simmons.

MIDI Designer users will no doubt find creative and innovative uses for hex keys.

More Shapes Coming Soon

Hex shapes and piano keys are just to get the ball rolling. Look for more shapes in the future!

Update for 1.6 (January 2014)

Circular buttons added.

Update for 1.6.1 (Coming in April 2014)

Transpose and Octave Transpose coming out now. This will give your keyboards serious playability and provide some very interesting possibilities.

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