iPad and iPhone MIDI Controllers for the Yamaha reface CS by Ibo Kai

Most MIDI Designer layouts are for iPad, and few have been ported to iPhone. Ibo Kai has broken this rule with his new layout for the Yamaha reface CS [ see all of Ibo Kai’s layouts ]

iPad Controller for Yamaha reface CS Screen #1

iPad Controller for Yamaha reface CS Screen #2

iPad Layout, Author’s Notes: Remote Editor for Yamaha Reface CS

To avoid the complicated procedure for system settings in Reface CS (switch off, press + hold a certain key – remember which key to use for which function -, switch on again) I made this layout for quickly and easily changing things. Because they are all controllable via MIDI sysex! I can switch the internal speakers on and off, engage or disengage local control, change the pitch bend range etc. remotely from the iPad. Additionally I added two (green) buttons at the top for what I use most often: switching on both the internal speakers and local control, when I want to play Reface on its own, or switch both off, whenever I play it via my DAW.

This layout is based on Reface firmware 1.30, which introduced a number of new functions: for example in the looper you can now switch between the Guide Sound (currently set sound) or a Click Sound. Furthermore you can quantize your recordings to either 8th or 16th notes. Naturally if your firmware is older, you will not be able to control these, however the other controls should still work fine.

The second page is doubling the Reface onboard sliders for setting the sound. This is simple MIDI CC and I added it mainly for use when I want to record changes on the PC, while the synth is out of reach of my hands.

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iPhone Layout, Author’s Notes: Reface CS System Editor for iPhone

I made another version of the Reface CS editor for my iPhone. The layout is slightly different due to the small screen. Also I skipped the second page, the sound controls would´t really make sense in this size. Apart from that it´s all there, including the two additional buttons I made for quickly changing according to the playing situation: locally with local control and speakers on and playing via DAW, with local off and speakers off. Now I can use my iPhone for quick changes of system settings even when my iPad is away, busy with other things.

iPad Controller for Yamaha reface CS Screen #2

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