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New Roland VG99 Layout (Jan 2014) - MIDI Designer Q&A

New Roland VG99 Layout (Jan 2014)

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asked Jan 7, 2014 in Community Shares by cnurse (580 points)
edited Jan 8, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
at some point I'm probably going to copy the layout and screenshots to our servers. Would that be okay with you? Thanks for sharing!
Hey mate, please feel free to copy but I'll maintain the current version on my dropbox for now as I continue to refine it. For example, I don't have sensible default values for all controls yet and there are a couple of major new areas I need to plug in, like being able to select which virtual guitar you play with e.g. acoustic, strat, gibson...

I'm loving MD Pro, so expect to see a lot of activity around this layout to get it right. Then I can work with someone else to align it with other Roland Guitar Synths.
By the way I got nearly 100 hits on the VGuitar.Com forum for this topic, so I hope this is converting into activity for you guys.
Thanks for helping getting the word out! It surely looks like something good is happening (= "activity")...

Your Dropbox is fine as long as you're still into it. Let me know when you'd like to host it here. I can also set up better file access for you here if you'd like (it would require using FTP).

Thank you!
No worries, hosting it here would certainly help it feel more official. I need to do a bit of work before I'd consider this really useful. At the moment I think it's "cute and interesting" haha
Yeah, fortunately the level for layouts on this site is through the roof thanks to the work of less than a dozen people. We're thinking about putting them into Tiers, but we don't want to alienate authors....
What's Tiers?

I think we just need to set the standard high. I think what you're saying is have a central location for all layouts.

I think a layout should have a release at least beta version, so you can see the functional layout and the next version in development. Then each layout should have a document explaining it's function, trips and traps etc.

That would give you a really uniform level of quality against all the layouts that might be centrally managed. But in principal I have no issue with the centralisation. What you don't want is noise from heaps of low quality layouts, but that could be managed through moderation.