Earplug is Rocking on the App Store for Free

In 2015 we released a simple, distraction-free white-noise app for iOS that we polished to perfection. We just dropped the price to $0 and are averaging over 3K downloads per day.

We’re so proud of the 5-star reviews that are coming in. Users understand what we’re trying to do!


I really dig this soothing white/pink noise application a whole lot. It presents what the description claims to a tee in my opinion. No extra controls or other complications. Just simplicity and a great source of calming relaxation I’ve found here.

All you need to do is open this program up and it instantly starts playing the white/pink noise combination. The only other option is to pause the noise and that’s it. I like sleep sound applications that offer tons of features and options for sure. Especially ones that let me record my own sleep sounds. But, there is just something about this app’s no muss no fuss, simple setup that makes it easy to start it and hopefully have a good rest, night’s sleep or just as a great way to reduce environmental noise and distractions I think. Simple is definitely sometimes better I believe.

I like to use, Earplug, in conjunction with my Sony SRS-XB40 Bluetooth speaker and play it loud to help me zone out and relax when I’m stressed out. I really appreciate as well the many different ways that you can control and play this application.

I believe that if you want one of the best white/pink noise applications out there with just the most simple control scheme that you could imagine. That, Earplug, is probably going to be your best bet on the App Store.

Also I wanted to note and extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the developer of this program for offering it for free today. Thank you very much for that generosity. Yet, seeing how well that I think, Earplug, performs now. Well, I would have gladly paid the asking price for sure. Many thanks, again, for offering this program for free today, for all of the time, hard work and passion no doubt put into building, refining and updating this application and God bless you and your loved ones :).

Seeing how well that Earplug performs made me also want to check out and possibly buy this developer’s cool looking MIDI controller app that I saw listed below. I wish that it had a demo possibly because the price is a tad high, though no doubt worth it from reading the reviews. But, it definitely looks rad and I as much as I love finding new sleep sound applications. I also love finding new music apps as well. Thank you, again, for this great app and I hope that you are doing well.

iPhone 13 Pro Max
iOS 16.3.1
by Joshua D.  •    United States  •  5 days ago
A necessity for those with Misophonia! I use this very often on my iPad to drown out external noises. I also use it on my iPhone for sleeping overnight when traveling. Highly recommended!
by BAR112  •    United States  •  6 days ago
I’ve been using this app for several years. I spend several nights away each month and can sleep soundly in any environment with this app.
by Bbeaudoin76  •    United States  •  February 4, 2023
In Spanish? Simple
by insainlewey  •    United States  •  February 4, 2022
I’m a nurse that works night shift. And, sometimes it is hard to sleep during the day. I’ve been using this app for over 2 years. I have tried other apps, but I always come back to this one.
by LP02SIS06  •    United States  •  July 9, 2021
This app is amazing. When I wake up in the middle of the night because of the noisy bar in the parking lot next to my apartments, this is the app I open. No brain power is required to use this app. Open it up and go back to sleep!
by CriticallyC  •    United States  •  May 29, 2021
Wow! Just arrived tonight in a noisy hotel, thought to myself "there has to be an app for this problem," found "earplug" and all I can say is wow! It works like a charm...with my headphones on all the background noise is covered up and I can get some much needed rest. Thanks for a great app!

Update, a few years later: I have been religiously using earplug every time I need to block out outside noise… And I have to say, not only am I better-looking than I ever was before, but I also feel more powerful, confident and successful! And I owe it all to this one app… Because if it didn't help me block out the noise that I need to block out in order to sleep the way I need to sleep in order to be as successful as I need to be, I wouldn't be anywhere.

All hail EARPLUG! May it be praised with great praise.
by iOSmusicMAKER  •    United States  •  May 24, 2021
This is my go-to for white noise. I have lots of (great apps) but this one has better sound and it does everything I need. Love the colors too.

(I find I can get more volume control using the slider on the Home Screen. The volume controls on the side of the phone are too coarse)

Anyway, lovely, thanks again
by Music This!  •    United States  •  May 24, 2021
“The app can help to hide:

Distant screams

😂🤣. I read sadness first as I was skimming and thought wow, bold claim...
by Codowlsky Polopumus  •    United States  •  December 14, 2020
This is the perfect app. Love the “pink” hues added to the white noise. Most helpful
by Laurielovesgolf  •    Canada  •  October 23, 2019
Suddenly it’s summer. In May Chicago was cool and inundated by daily thunderstorms, and Tornado Alley from Oklahoma to Ohio saw destruction by multiple tornadoes on a daily basis.

Outside my windows it was as quiet as winter, save for the cozy thunder.

Today I threw the windows open to catch the fresh summery air.

Children are shrieking,

A man is singing,

People are yelling and talking loudly,

The loudspeakers at the train station are announcing,

The motorcycles are out again.

I tap my Earplug and put it in my
shirt pocket, the speakers peeking out at the top.

The suddenly-summer noise vanishes.

—Chicago Blue
by Czyunnddj  •    United States  •  June 3, 2019
Minimalist app that does one thing really well
by boweni  •    United States  •  October 7, 2018
Love this app. It just plays white noise. No faffy settings or unnecessary features to fiddle around with and get distracted by.

One piece of feedback I have is: stop playing when headphones are disconnected (physical or Bluetooth). Quite annoying to have to press pause; every other audio app pauses on disconnect.
by beingmrkenny  •    United Kingdom  •  August 13, 2018
From the moment I started using Earplug, I started sleeping so much better. I really depend on it now for a good night’s sleep.

I already was running my air conditioner fan at night to create white noise. In addition, I have a white noise machine which I have had for number of years.

But lately, my air conditioner has been noisy. I just wasn’t getting a good night’s sleep. I decided to give this app a try.

The combination of white and pink noise is just perfect for cutting out all unwanted noise around me.

I live near an Air Force Base, and I no longer need earplugs. I put my iPhone about a foot or two away from my head and go to sleep. I like that the app is extremely simple to use, without a lot of fuss or controls. It just works perfectly.

To the developer: please continue to update this for all future iOS versions, because at this point I cannot imagine sleeping without it. Thank you!
by badkitty_  •    United States  •  May 28, 2018
I don’t understand. There is no settings it’s just white noise. It’s useful I’ll give you that, but is it just an mp3 that plays on repeat? Is there no settings or function to this app other than that? A small set of instructions in the iOS AppStore or in the app would really help users know what they’re dealing with. Please think of the end user development team
by cdmix99  •    Canada  •  April 24, 2018
Extremely simple to use, no annoying ads. I couldn't ask for more!
by Acemon  •    United States  •  May 8, 2017
Please add sleep timer.
by Alex.mslv  •    Russia  •  May 3, 2017
Add timer
by sx007-ivan  •    Russia  •  April 14, 2015
Great, simple app! So easy to use, no complicated choices, just a smooth sound to block the noises from outside. Great colors, too. I was having trouble sleeping because of the guy next door who plays his guitar all night! Badly! So, I downloaded this app, and didn't need to choose anything, getting confused with all the options. I just opened the app, and no more off-tune strumming. I was asleep in no time. That easy. I'm sold! And it's so cheap, love it!!
by SNL4life  •    United States  •  March 1, 2015
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