MIDI Designer on Apple Homepage

On August 11, 2014, fans of MIDI Designer got in touch to let us know that they had seen the App on TV. In Barcelona! In Singapore! On the Discovery Channel! In the New York Times!

Apple featured MIDI Designer on the apple.com homepage from August 11 to Sept 10, 2014, in the hands of Luke Wang of Yaoband.

MIDI Designer on Apple.com Homgepage

The landing page mention linked to a Your Verse focus on Yaoband and their use of the iPad in music-making. We’re extremely grateful to Yaboand and our users all around the World, Apple for highlighting us in this story, and for the excellent apps that keep us company in the ad:

  • Akai iMPC (link)
  • Propellerhead Software Figure (link)
  • Native Instruments iMaschine (link)
  • Music Studio (link)

Check out the full Your Verse feature!
Article on Apple Insider

About MIDI Designer
MIDI Designer is the most advanced professional MIDI controller platform. Since its launch in the Apple App Store in 2012, the award-winning app has been lauded by Music Industry publications including Sonic Touch, Recording Magazine, Sound on Sound and DJ Tech Tools. It’s been used on stage and in the studio by well-known musicians, music producers and DJs around the World, including Todd Rundgren, POSTYR Project and Shadow Child. More recently, MIDI Designer has taken part in the production of Network TV series and sporting events.

Hundreds of thousands of users trust MIDI Designer as their go-to MIDI controller, and the App is the motor for an active and growing community which shares layouts for popular MIDI hardware and software from Casio, Korg, Roland and many more. MIDI Designer has also been chosen by Antares and Casio as their iOS MIDI controller for select hardware. The App is available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

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Layout Refresh: Antares Auto-Tune Guitar

The MIDI Designer Community has been producing many great-looking and highly functional layouts over the last year. One of the Community’s most prolific authors is Chris Gretton (popup). His best-known and most-used layout by far is his JD-990 layout (which got a refresh for MIDI Designer 1.6 for all expansion packs!). He’s also worked on the Casio XW layout; his beautiful refresh came out in version 1.1 of the XW app. And he’s worked on quite a few other MIDI targets as well.

We’re very grateful to have Chris in the Community, and we are very glad to award him the Rainer Award for Design Innovation for 2014.

Chris was an instrumental force behind the design changes in MIDI Designer 1.6, and he’s used them to refresh the Antares Auto-Tune layout (for the Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune Guitar)… Here are the results… amazing!


























MIDI Designer Wins Sonic Touch Gold Award for Best App!

I’m absolutely ecstatic to announce that MIDI Designer Pro has won the Sonic Touch Gold Award.

Gaz Williams is using MIDI Designer Pro for a major rock opera production in Paris. Nick Batt, Sonic State Editor, goes over the app with Gaz. As you can tell, these guys have spent a lot of time with the app.

“incredibly well thought-out….”
“very cleverly made, so it’s easy to use…”
“closest rival is Lemur…A lot easier to use than Lemur….”


Here’s their 10+ minute review of MIDI Designer Pro:

and here’s the article on the Sonic Touch website:

Big shout out and thank you to Gaz Williams and Nick Batt. I’ll take this opportunity to say: we’re not done yet. 1.3.5 is coming out soon, and it’s a game-changer! Stay tuned!