Community Layouts for Yamaha Gear

As the history books (and Wikipedia) tell it, Yamaha was there was MIDI was created:

In June 1981, Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi proposed the idea of standardization to Oberheim Electronics founder Tom Oberheim, who then talked it over with Sequential Circuits president Dave Smith. In October 1981, Kakehashi, Oberheim and Smith discussed the idea with representatives from Yamaha, Korg and Kawai

Now Yamaha makes hundreds of products, most of which are MIDI-controllable. When the MIDI Designer Community focuses on Yamaha products, the focus has been on controlling synthesizers. There are five Platinum layouts, all of which represent a heroic amount of work, a great eye for aesthetics, and a visionary approach to control. Most notable are the platinum layouts by Rainer-award winner Ibo Kai, who has more Platinum layouts than any other single author (three of which are for Yamaha gear).

There are layouts for existing gear (e.g., the Reface line) and for vintage gear, like the TG77/SY77. Beyond that, we’ve got several standalone apps for Yamaha MIDI targets. Two of these, layouts by Craig Knudsen, control pianos and more expensive Yamaha MIDI targets, adding variety and range to the MIDI targets by Yamaha that MIDI Designer Pro 2 controls.

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Yamaha DX27 Layout by bigdaddybri

This is a control layout for the DX27. Most, but not all the controls are working. I will revise as I get time, but feel free to update as you see fit.


LAYOUT: Yamaha S90 by patrick


Yamaha says it's a "full-size keyboard with great sounds and exceptional touch... It's perfect for those who simply want all the award-winning MOTIF's high quality sounds and one o…


LAYOUT: Yamaha Tyros 5 by eifelblitz1970

This is My Layout for the Yamaha Tyros 5 (Other Models Possible).

Dies ist Version 2.1 und beinhaltet:

1. Master EQ

2. Song-Control

3. Style-Control…

Standalone Apps for Yamaha MIDI Targets

  • MD77: Voice Editor for Yamaha SY77/TG77 by Ibo Kai [ link ]
  • MDClav: Clavinova Controller by Craig Knudsen [ link ]
  • MDXG: XG Sound Set Controller by Craig Knudsen [ link ]