The Yamaha Dongle Thing

We’re in love with the Yamaha MD-BT01 for Wi-Fi MIDI. Works perfectly with MD.

Video on Connecting via Wi-Fi on macOS (OS X)

Connect to MIDI Network on OSX

Let’s set up a network connection for MIDI. MIDI Designer will connect to this network connection. After, the network connection will be available in your music programs on OSX (not on OSX?)

To start with, your iPad and computer need to be on the same Wifi network. For really fast connections, you should use an ad-hoc network.

Computer Side of Things

On your Mac…

First you need to open Audio MIDI Setup. It’s in Applications->Utilities

Then launch “Network”

Add a session by using the Plus button

Session one is created. Activate it by clicking the check box to its left

That’s it for the computer side. Now you have a network that MIDI Designer can connect to. This network will be called “Your Computer.”

MIDI Designer Side of Things

On your iPad in MIDI Designer…

Tap “More”

Tap “Config” to enter all configuration settings

Now you should see “Your Computer” (or the name of your machine) under “Available Connections”

Now a checkbox will appear, indicating that it is connected


Once you set up your MIDI Network connection, you can initiate the connection from MIDI Designer or from your computer.

For a faster connection, you should use an ad-hoc connection. Instructions for OSX are here.

Need Live Routings? Live Routings for MIDI-over-Wi-Fi on macOS

Not on OSX?

Instructions on connecting with Windows are here. At the current time, there are no viable RTP drivers for Linux, but we are always on the lookout. If there’s enough demand, we might have to make them ourselves.