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Interview with Electroband


They are a band. They play electronic music. Music which finds its form through the inextricably intertwined duo of love and circuitry. This is an age-old East Berlin tale of boy-with-bass meets girl-with-violin. What came next was natural and the future, in all of its many forms, represents the only logical consequence arising from the fulfilment of their dreams. Time waits for nobody, and they march to the beat of its drum. Helpless, restless, driven by fascination they pursue the idea of a symbiosis of the influences of their lives and of those that went before. They love Tchaikovsky, revere Bill Evans, and feel a deep affinity with all those souls who strive to uplift the world through their own volition. So stand not amazed. The object is to break away from the conventions of music genres and to plunge into the depths of freedom.

electroband are

Sabine Bremer / violin, mandolin, effects, vocals 
Arne Nitzsche / bass, beats, effects, vocals

Electroband Video (cameo by MIDI Designer)

Electroband Setup with MIDI Designer on iPad
Electroband Setup with MIDI Designer on iPad


What do you control with MIDI Designer?

We are controlling Ableton Live 9 Suite (effects, clips, transport etc.) on two different rigs:

  • Bini’s rig is divided in mixer with sends section on the left side (bank 1) and effect controlling on the right side (bank 2).
  • Arne’s rig is divided in a drum controlling section on the left side and a transport-like controll plus bass effect control on the right side.

How many banks and pages are you using? Do you use control copies at all, one-big page, or mix and match pages?

We’re using 2 banks with 4, 3 and 2 pages (btw. never noticed you can do more than two banks, wow!). The mixer uses copied buttons that appear on different pages.

Are you using the pedalboards feature?

Not really, only to hide sub control buttons (a little inconvenient as i now know that there are even more banks available, funny answering this survey makes me find even more features 😉

How many devices are you using MIDI Designer on, and which (e.g., iPad 2)?

We are using 2 x iPad2

How do you connect to your MIDI targets?

Used to connect with via Wi-Fi but it turned out to be not safe enough. ( We had problems in clubs with many networks) So we ended up using iRig.

Is MIDI Designer replacing some other hardware or software? If so, what?

Arne used to have an AKAI MPD 32 and Bini a M-AUDIO evolution UC-33 to control Ableton. We always had the focus on getting smaller and lighter, so that the whole rig fits into one flight case. Before MIDI Designer we had the whole set-up separated and it took us like two hours to build up, because it was simply undoable to place the whole thing in a portable case.

Any features you love about MIDI Designer?

The best thing about it might be the super control feature. One can build one button to stop all clips, delete content in all looper effects and reset all effects just in one step but still have the option to control all steps separately.

It is the limitless possibilities with pages and banks and there combination that makes midi designer so powerful compared to the controllers we used in the past.

And If you don’t have a controller with motor-faders you always have to remember the faders values if you change a bank and than go back. Thats the most annoying issue and can cause real musically mistakes or breaks. Midi designer takes care of that just because every controller stands for its own value and is always visually independent. So the musician has more freedom to focus on the music.

Bini also likes it so much because it’s so colorful. 😉

Any features you hate about MIDI Designer?

Well let me think about….None 🙂


Bini’s Rig

Bini's Rig 1
Bini's Rig 2

Arne’s Rig

Arne's Rig 1
Arne's Rig 2
Arne's Rig 1
Arne's Rig 2