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Cannot Access "More" Button on iOS 15 (iPad) - MIDI Designer Q&A

Cannot Access "More" Button on iOS 15 (iPad)

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asked Sep 21 in Defect (Fixed) by leogitaar (160 points)
recategorized Oct 3 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Anyway to shut off that new feature?
Unfortunately they have removed the option to disable splitview.
On iPad 11 in native resolution it is nearly impossible to hit.

Temporary workaround is to rotate the iPsd. We will figure out a mitigation soon.

Thanks for the workaround, but not working for me.
The three dots rotates with the app..
Thanks for figuring out a solution.

Regards Leo
if you rotate the app you can change magnification and the More button moves around, right?
So Apple in iOS 15 has taken over the MDP2 More button location (top center) for another hidden control - a split screen control.  I hate hidden controls, and looks like I have to learn yet another one.  Guess the More button is going to go walkabout.
Got it, hopefully temperary.
Coming to beta when Apple lets us

in beta oredi, we'll be aiming to release tomorrow (also need Apple's blessing for that).
we'll cut a new video, but: the next Beta moves only the "More" button down... it looks/feels pretty good. We used the "bowing to Apple" animation.
And we just added a "Show More Button" button subtype so you've got options.
Thanks for quick fix.
Now I've to wait for the new version appears in the apple store?
No. I'm trying to add you to the Beta but Apple's dev sites are having trouble today. Will do in next 24. The beta is a separate app so it's very low risk to you. Thx.
leo look for an email from apple or testflight for MIDI Designer Next
Beta running.
'Bowing to Apple' animation is working.
Button with subttype "Show More Button" on new Layout and tapping on it freezes the app.
Get the prior beta from TestFlight
Or maybe not since the prior doesn’t have the subtype
new new new Beta just now, enjoy
Just wait until new version is available in TestFlight?

There should be a version from yesterday already
The new beta version from today (October 2) is fine for me. The "Show More Button" button subtype is working now, without freezing.
For me new beta also working without freezing.
Fabulous. We thought we had released that beta the other night, but TestFlight is tricky. We've submitted to Apple today for Prod, awaiting their approval and a last round of testing here.

2 Answers

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Thanks for reporting Leogitaar (and Don for the notes on Bank Selectors). 

We've rolled out a workable solution in 2.266:

  • You can tap anywhere on an open layout in Play mode and the More Button and Bank Selectors will drop down
  • You can add a More button to your layout
Neither of these solutions work in Design Mode. For that your options are:
  • Exit out of design mode and reenter
  • Rotate your iPad
We're thinking of better, longer-term solutions to the problem but this issue is "solved" for now.
answered Oct 8 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
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More works but cannot change right page bank

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Original, Generic
I just installed OS 15 and checked 2.265 and 2.261. In both versions, the OS 15 split screen icons are offset slightly to the right.. More is fine, but the right page bank is covered such that I can't change it. This is not good! I reported this in Flight Tracker.

OS 15 Split Screen icons in V 2.265
OS 15 Split Screen icons in V 2.265
OS 15 'more' list in V 2.265
OS 15 'more' list in V 2.265
answered Sep 29 by dsabou2062 (2,000 points)
Aha! Okay so the prior fix -- dropping all three down -- did make sense. We'll issue a patch as soon as we can.

New new new beta is queued for Apple Review, should be out (in beta) soon, thanks!
See my evaluation of the latest 2.265 and 2.266.

Is there a use case for another app in split screen with MDP? I tried it with Apple Mail and, while mail adjusts its view to show a complete mail message, it overlays MDP such that ½ of MDP is hidden.

Many apps do not support split screen. Removing support should eliminate any and all issues with the 3 dots interfering with the more and bank menu.
Thanks, as of 2.266 the bank buttons drop down too.

We're aware that the solution doesn't apply to Design Mode, which is inconvenient. We're thinking about different solutions.