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  • Basic - 271 questions
  • Advanced - 362 questions
  • Community Shares - 403 questions - Questions in this category name the hardware or software target(s) of interest and any special notes. Answers in this category should include relevant notes on how to use the layout, the layout itself (.mididesigner) and some screenshots, too.
  • Community Requests - 65 questions - This is calls or requests to the Community, usually for layouts and pages.
  • How does MIDI Designer work with X? - 126 questions
  • Suggestions - 172 questions
  • Suggestions (Reviewed) - 8 questions - Inputs that have been reviewed by MDP2 team.
  • Suggestions (Implemented) - 40 questions - Suggestions that have been implemented/resolved in MIDI Designer.
  • Suggestions (Someday, Maybe) - 5 questions - Classic "future" suggestions that modify fundamental aspects of MIDI Designer or are complex for other reasons (e.g., design considerations).
  • Defect (Is this broken?) - 48 questions - Bug reports and possible bug reports...
  • Defect (Confirmed, Not Fixed Yet) - 29 questions
  • Defect (Fixed) - 52 questions - Confirmed defects and limitations that have been fixed.
  • User Support, Open - 29 questions
  • User Support, Resolved - 122 questions
  • MIDI But Not MIDI Designer - 16 questions - Use this category for all questions that are not about MIDI Designer itself, but may be related in some way (e.g., about MIDI itself).
  • and this Q&A Site - 16 questions
  • Promo & Hosted Elsewhere - 4 questions - Promotion and advertisement of MIDI Designer layouts and other things related to MD, including heads ups about layouts hosted elsewhere.
  • Standalone MDs - 3 questions - Standalone MIDI Designer versions -- like MDXW for the Casio XW Solo Synth and MDClav for the Yamaha Clavinova -- control one of more MIDI targets.
  • Stream Byter Plugin by Audeonic - 7 questions
  • Beta Test & MDP3 - 7 questions - Questions about Beta versions of MIDI Designer Pro 3