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total non sense with kiwi 3p - MIDI Designer Q&A

total non sense with kiwi 3p

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asked Mar 26, 2019 in User Support, Open by ienraid (120 points)

Thanks for asking
I bought a midi card to get the info from the 3p. As soon as I get it I ll tell you the message I got   


midi card is here.
which app do you recommend to hear from the 3P ? (for mac - the easiest !)

in midi designer where can i get the message in ?

Hi Adrien!

Wich MIDI interface did you buy? (just to know)
As a MIDI monitor for OS X, I can recommend Snoize MIDI Monitor.
In MD you can use the Log Pane to display MIDI signals going in and out : https://mididesigner.com/wiki/doku.php/manual:chapter-troubleshooting#log_pane


I use tascam iu2
It seems I don t receive anything on snoize
Not even in the log pane. (I can see the out but no in)

Midi cc enable was checked also.

Hi Adrien!

At this point, I think our research so far points on the MIDI settings on your kiwi 3P.
- Are you using the latest firmware version? (from the JX-3P Upgrade, just to be sure we are reading the same manual)
- Have you tried different positions with the external selector switch?
- Are you able to establish connection using any other software (kiwi editor, MIDI Quest 12, etc)
This may seem obvious, but also check the MIDI connections In>Out, Out>In, cables, etc..

By the way, are you using/have you tried this layout? (its was made to program the KIWI-3P from the iPad):