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Chapter 15: Troubleshooting

Log Pane

The Log Pane can be very useful to determine what is happening in terms of MIDI messages.

Log Pane
  • When the Log Pane is open, all outgoing and incoming MIDI messages are logged. Otherwise they are discarded.
  • If the Log Pane is paused – Pause Button (Toggle) is ON – messages are discarded.
  • You may clear all data in the log by using the Clear button.

You can select and copy data in the log to paste in to other apps, including Mail.

Options for Getting Help

Options for getting help include:

  • MIDI Designer Q&A—Ask your question on the Q&A forums. The MIDI Designer Community is glad to help.
  • MIDI Designer Tech Support—For some issues, you might want to get in touch with support directly. The best way to do this is inside MD itself, via Config → Actions → Email Us. Otherwise, you can use the Contact Form on the MD Website.

Short, Self-Contained, Correct Example

If you are asking a question to other users or to Tech Support, please try to create a short, self-contained, and correct example (if possible). This means:

  • Short—Please try to “slim” your question. For example, if there are 40 buttons not related to your example, please remove them. If you can produce the problem with one slider, present that. The better you can locate the problem, the easier it is for people to help you.
  • Self-Contained—Provide everything so that somebody else can also see the problem occur. You might need to include files, and even MIDI specs, but hopefully you can simplify the problem so that this isn't necessary. (Sometimes, other people might just need to have the same expensive synth you do to solve the problem. In that case, you cannot make the example self-contained)
  • Correct—The example should be readable and everything that is not part of the problem should work. Other problems in your layout should be corrected or, better yet, removed.
  • Example—Make sure you can see the problem clearly in the question and the resources provided. If you are asking others to download an MD layout which shows the problem, download it yourself to make sure the problem can be seen.

Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example is a concept used by programmers to communicate problems and solutions.

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