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Gem Equinox Editor - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverGem Equinox Editor

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Rating: Silver
asked Sep 27 in Community Shares by thefuze (180 points)
edited Nov 8 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Nice, thanks for this, looking forward to where this goes! Edited the post to include the new "General Music (GEM)" (is that right?) and also I blew away the image titles because blanks will give you (slightly) better names. Keep rocking, thanks again.
Thank you. Generalmusic is correct. They've made some professional synths in the past, but it doesn't exist an editor for one of them. S2 and S3 are called "musicprocessor" with polyphone aftertouch and at least the Equinox. All with 6 Osc, sequencer, sample import, HD and SCSI option and double midi-trio. Very cool features, but Generalmusic (italian company) is more known for simple keyboards or Workstations.