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Virtual MIDI: How can I get MIDI Learn in Sunrizer to work - MIDI Designer Q&A

Virtual MIDI: How can I get MIDI Learn in Sunrizer to work

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asked Jul 19, 2012 in Advanced by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Jul 19, 2012 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

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Try these steps. I just tried them exactly as is and they work:

1) create a knob in MIDI Designer

2) set its channel and CC to 1-28

3) go to Sunrizer and tap Learn

4) in sunrizer, tap on "color" so that it turns blue.

5) go back to MIDI Designer and turn the knob.

6) go back to Sunrizer and the color knob should say "28" instead of saying "--"

7) shut off Learn mode

8) go back to MIDI Designer and turn the knob

9) go to Sunrizer and ensure that the knob is in the new position

Note that some of the low cc's (like Modulation) are already mapped to Sunrizer.

Animoog exposes its MIDI ports via MIDI over WiFi. So if the second iPad and the Animoog iPad are on the same network, MIDI Designer will be able to connect to Animoog directly.

  1. Click on "Network Session 1" on Animoog
  2. Click on your Animoog iPad's name in MIDI Designer Connections (more -> config -> connections)
  3. Move a knob in MD, and the "IN" sign will light up green in Animoog
Animoog MIDI In
Animoog MIDI In
answered Jul 19, 2012 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Aug 9, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thank you for your response.

Here is the real reason I posted.

There is an ANIMOOG template on this site.   I wanted to use it on a second IPAD to use the MIDI DESIGNER TEMPLATE to control ANIMOOG on a second IPAD.

Do I need to open ANIMOOG on both IPADS?

Do I need to open MIDI DESIGNER on both IPADS?

What settings do I need to enabled and to what on MIDI DESIGNER?

On ANIMOOG, what MIDI settings do I use?

I feel like the crux of my issue overall is the point of connection between MIDI DESGINER PRO and the app I choose to use it with.

Aha! Okay, thanks kaptan, will check with an instance of Animoog and circle back.
So: Animoog exposes itself via Wi-Fi MIDI. On Animoog the input is called "Network Session 1" and on your OTHER iOS device -- must be on the same Wi-Fi network -- you can see it by the name of the device running Animoog. On Animoog, you have to touch Network Session 1 so it lights up WHITE. Then you can connect to that session in MIDI Designer at More -> Home -> Connect. Now when you twiddle a knob in MIDI Designer you'll see the IN light on Animoog light up green.

Hopefully that helps, thanks!
I really appreciate your help.

No as far as settings on MIDI DESIGNER PRO?

What setting should I have on that going on for this to work?
are you able to connect to Animoog via Wi-Fi from MIDI Designer Pro and get the IN light to light up? That's first, before we start looking into the instructions provided here:
So, I tried last night.

For a template, is a person supposed to use MIDI learn to individually connect each knob with a control?  

I did that.

Everything seemed to function as far as my knobs being controlled by MIDI DESIGNER as I MIDI "learned" them.

However, when I concluded MIDI TEACHING the controllers and attempted to play, I got no sound and the knobs stopped working.

I am using ANIMOOG on AIR2 and MIDI DES on AIR1.


Where am I supposed to be sending the MIDI notes I play on the keyboard?  To the MIDI DESIGNER template or still to ANIMOOG.

Once again to clarify.  On ANIMOOG, do I choose "_____'s"IPAD2  or  Network Session?

I have used LITTLEMIDIMACHINE and GENOME so I have good working knowledge on this.   That's why I am so perplexed I can't figure it out.   

I do however appreciate your kindness and use of your time in attempting to assist me.