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Animoog for iPad! - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: GoldAnimoog for iPad!

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asked May 24, 2013 in Community Shares by hymnotix (270 points)
edited Aug 7, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
wow. this is awesome, and looks great. great spacing and symmetry. How do you personally send the notes to Animoog while you use this? I'm thinking about how to morph the layout about not using one-big-page. Very theoretical thinking....

Thank you for creating and sharing this. Looks awesome!

also, if you have two ipads, its super easy to cc learn in Animoog, but if you are using a keyboard with Animoog running in background on just one iPad, it might be easier to have the CC assignments listed and manually do the bindings in Animoog:

lfo sync    Channel=3    CC=73
lfo rate    Channel=3    CC=67
kb    Channel=3    CC=58
shape    Channel=3    CC=47
filt res    Channel=3    CC=71
filt freq    Channel=3    CC=66
type    Channel=3    CC=68
env    Channel=3    CC=61
drive    Channel=3    CC=51
unison    Channel=3    CC=16
detune    Channel=3    CC=33
drive    Channel=3    CC=24
crush    Channel=3    CC=15
amp A    Channel=3    CC=10
amp D    Channel=3    CC=11
amp S    Channel=3    CC=12
amp R    Channel=3    CC=13
filt A    Channel=3    CC=80
Filt D    Channel=3    CC=81
filt S    Channel=3    CC=82
filt R    Channel=3    CC=83
Mod A    Channel=3    CC=84
Mod D    Channel=3    CC=85
Mod S    Channel=3    CC=86
Mod R    Channel=3    CC=87
pitch cor    Channel=3    CC=88
glide    Channel=3    CC=89
volume    Channel=3    CC=92
feedback    Channel=3    CC=94
mix    Channel=3    CC=98
sync    Channel=3    CC=101
time    Channel=3    CC=103
x    Channel=3    CC=52
y    Channel=3    CC=53
Thanks Dan. About triggering notes, Personally, I love the keyboard inside Animoog, there's literally nothing like it.  So I keep Animoog open and then use this layout on a second iPad, connected by wifi.

Otherwise, if you use just one iPad, an external keyboard would work. You might have to get creative with getting Animoog to listen to both MIDIDesigner and your external keyboard... I think there are apps  that can redirect things to make this work.
Thanks! Please check out the new feature under config -> actions -> Mail Metadata and see if that's useful for you at all. I'd love to have some feedback on this new feature. Note: requires Excel, Open Office, or something that can process CSV files when you receive them.
"Mail Metadata"!!  I knew I heard that was coming and that it would be somewhere in there :-b  

great new feature, would have saved me a few minutes putting the above list together...
Yeah, the hard work is getting the features in there. The impossible work is communicating them to the users.

I wonder if I've contemplated XY pads correctly in the metadata... hmmm....
Also: a video would be great! Thanks again.