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“Error: Could not open URL” warning never disappears - MIDI Designer Q&A

“Error: Could not open URL” warning never disappears

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asked Oct 1 in Defect (Fixed) by 5din (590 points)
recategorized Oct 8 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Quitting MDP should make the notice go away.

Go to the App Switcher and swipe MDP up to quit. This is a common action to do periodically to close apps that remain open in iPad or iPhone.
Quitting apps may be common, but quitting them because it’s the only way to dismiss a stuck notification is not.  It is also inconsistent with the behavior of MDP’s other notifications, which display for a few moments and then disappear.

In contrast, this particular warning remains indefinitely and obscures the rest of the UI.  It even persists between loading different layouts.  The *only* way to get rid of it is to close the app, which should not be a common action to dismiss popups.
I believe this is a browser notification, not MDP, hence it leaves MDP unresponsive. Probably quitting your browser will have the same effect. I was also pointing out that if too many apps are open, you may get a low on memory warning. I periodically quit all open apps to avoid this.
Okay, everybody remain calm. Don was just suggesting a workaround (thanks!). If we can repro the bug we'll fix it.

This particular bug -- once repro'ed -- is very likely ours. We do own that fancy dialog box and its modal nature.

Thanks all!
We'll try to repro and then issue a fix. Are you a Beta tester for us? Can we add you to the Beta? It's a separate app so it introduces no new risk for you.
and thanks for reporting
5din (classic name!): any clues on how to get this to happen? We can likely fix without repro'ing given the nature of this one, but we don't want to violate our SOP.

Sure, here's a simple reproducer:

1. Create button with Subtype "Open URL"
2. Ensure that the "Open URL" text field is blank
3. Exit Design Mode, and press the button

Result = immortal warning message
Also: I'm not currently a Beta tester, but I wouldn't mind being one.  What do I need to do to sign up?
It will all happen automatically

You have been added+mididesigner ;)


NOTE: no new build yet. In fact it's ready but Apple approves betas, too. It'll be fast though
new beta is in beta review, should be out soon. Or later. Depends on Apple. Thanks!
we've repro'ed the bug and have fixed in next beta. Hang tight please, thanks all!
Confirmed it’s fixed in Beta 2.266 Build 211003.  Thanks, Dan—lightning-fast work!
thanks! we're still haggling over 2.266 final (iPadOS 15 features) but it's getting close to app-store release too.

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Great find, thanks for reporting. This has been fixed in 2.266.
answered Oct 8 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)