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“Error: Could not open URL” warning never disappears - MIDI Designer Q&A

“Error: Could not open URL” warning never disappears

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asked Oct 1 in Defect (Fixed) by 5din (510 points)
recategorized Oct 8 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
You have been added+mididesigner ;)


NOTE: no new build yet. In fact it's ready but Apple approves betas, too. It'll be fast though
new beta is in beta review, should be out soon. Or later. Depends on Apple. Thanks!
we've repro'ed the bug and have fixed in next beta. Hang tight please, thanks all!
Confirmed it’s fixed in Beta 2.266 Build 211003.  Thanks, Dan—lightning-fast work!
thanks! we're still haggling over 2.266 final (iPadOS 15 features) but it's getting close to app-store release too.

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Great find, thanks for reporting. This has been fixed in 2.266.
answered Oct 8 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)