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Layout for the KORG DW 8000 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverLayout for the KORG DW 8000

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Rating: Silver
asked Aug 13, 2020 in Community Shares by andyv (330 points)
Thanks for sharing, this looks great! I'll comment on the answer to the question about channel changers too.

1 Answer

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The documentation shows F0 42 3n 03 41 xx yy F7.  Translated to DMP2 speak: 42 L 03 41 xx V, where xx is the parameter number.

The channel format is shown as 3nh, or 30 to 3F.  So the channel changer for this control needs to have a midi min of 48, max of 63, 16 ticks, display 1-16

I did not see a traditional channel changer for cc controls.  But but if you have one, it could be combined with a supercontrol.  Settings for this super control will be Midi 0 - 127, 16 ticks, display 1-16.
answered Aug 14, 2020 by jkhiser (9,340 points)
This answer is great. Just my repetitive notes: set up a layout with a Channel Changer and a single sysex knob to see how they work, i.e., lab it.