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How can multiple supercontrol knobs with each different midi ranges show these ranges in 1 subcontrol knob? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How can multiple supercontrol knobs with each different midi ranges show these ranges in 1 subcontrol knob?

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asked Oct 31, 2019 in Advanced by gurbz (2,450 points)
edited Nov 10, 2019 by gurbz
Hmm, maybe I need this to design the other way around with a sequential super control.

2 Answers

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I feel your pain

The RD-2000 has 69 effects, with five controls that are common to all, then from 3 to 26 unique controls.  Even when an effect has a control identical to another, it is mostly in a different location.  Some are seven bit, some are four + four bits across two bytes.  Some are - to +, with zero landing where it will, some are - and + with zero at 64.  Some are a short list of text, like room size (small, med, large).  Some are simple on / off (0 / 1).  

Most overdrive "On" switches are in different locations.  Only two rotary speaker sims - at least they share some controls -- until they don't.

A seven bit item activated by four bit control has huge jumps.  A four+four bit item activated by seven bit control gets into undefined states.

And almost nothing is documented in the midi implementation guide.

So I gave up and ended up with a separate tab (or portion of tab) for each separate effect, and have coded the 20 most used.  (More are a future project.)

And just to make things more interesting - when you change the effect type via MIDI, it does not load default parameters, so you have to completely initialize all respective parameters. Parameters that work for effect 1 will cause a devil's squeal or silence come out of effect 2.

Almost need a relational database to solve the problem.

So I feel your pain.
answered Nov 14, 2019 by jkhiser (10,510 points)
I like your thoughts, was hoping that you’d respond to this one!
Not really ready yet to let this one go, I’m gonna try a few things but I’m getting ready for the horrible truth that this maybe not fixable. Thanks so much for the suggestions and how to handle these sort of devices with multiple effects.
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Variable text: create a variable control with named tick list, sync the list with variable controls with specified ranges

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Original, Generic
Hi all,

One solution to better specify values is using text that corresponds with values. Build a long named tick list (knob or other variable control) and use other variable super controls to specify certain ranges in that long named tick list. (Two bytes being possible)

For example super control knob 1 with midi range 0-15 adresses the long sub list values 0-15. Super control knob 1 is being triggered by sysex or midi value when syncing. Super control knob 2 with range 15-30 adresses value 0-30 on the long sub list, the super knob 2 is being triggered by its own unique sysex or midi identity. Etc.


answered Nov 17, 2019 by gurbz (2,450 points)
reshown Nov 18, 2019 by gurbz