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Which Midi parameter for IOS->Preferences->general->Accessibility->Switch control? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Which Midi parameter for IOS->Preferences->general->Accessibility->Switch control?

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asked Jan 27, 2019 in MIDI But Not MIDI Designer by gurbz (2,450 points)
Can you see the MIDI in MDP? If you can then you'll see if it does two values, one on press and one on release
Thanks Dan, Livid instruments replied also:

I’ll keep this thread updated about results
Keep us updated, please!
Here goes (update)

I admit: pretty nerdy this one but this way it is possible to switch wireless presets in a closed app with NO MIDI support! The mobile pod from line6 is pretty good so...
Results: it is possible to assign midi controller to IOS switch control. The midi data had to be a midi note with on/off. In combination with recipes and custom gestures you can trigger almost every on screen button. In this case it is possible to open up a great guitar amp app with no midi support and create a workaround to trigger presets and turn effects on or off.