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How to get Channel+Presets to work with Button Group? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to get Channel+Presets to work with Button Group?

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asked Feb 26, 2017 in Advanced by drumunkey (340 points)
Unfortunately, the answer is that it's even slightly MORE awkward to set this up the right way. As you've noted, button group supercontrols won't actually spin their OTHER subcontrols, so you cannot do it this way.

Instead, you have to make each button group button have a different ON value. And each of those will have the channel-changer-presets supercontrol as its subcontrol.

In the future, this will be much less work to set up, but once you find a workflow with the design mode stuff, this shouldn't be too terrible (unless you have over 500 buttons, of course).

Hmmm... I'm not getting this to work.

1) I've got 4 buttons that I want to be my channel selection buttons : C1-C4

2) I've got a knob that's set for channel+presents (CP)

3) I've got a slider, button, and dial that are my controls that are subcontrols of CP above. Again, they work just fine with selection of channel based on CP knob.

When I set up C1-C4 as subcontrols of CP, I set "on" values in MIDI page as C1=1, c2=2, c3=3, c4=4... But because they are part of CP's subcontrol group, they just act like regular buttons like the other one in #3.

I tried wiring up channel selection buttons as supers of channel changer knob, but that just makes them stepper buttons.
You were actually closer in your original post above.  Only thing is that the "channel select" buttons have to be the supercontrols of knob b. Then knob b is supercontrols of knob a. And knob a is supercontrol of whatever you want to be changing channels and presets.

1 Answer

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Hey, I've been wondering about this channel changer stuff myself,  so I made a "panel" that does more or less what you want.  I tried to upload the page here.

'I think you can just load the page into your layout, then drag the panel where you want it, then assign the sub-controls to the channel change button. ... right Dan?

Cheers, love the drumunkey stuff you've been doing on YouTube.
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2017-02-27-channel select.mididesignerpage - Note the "knob b" is hidden, you only see it in design mode. and the "knob a" is called "channel". I've added two x/y pads as sub controls to show that they respond to the channel+preset changes.
Downloads: 185
mdpro channel template.png
mdpro channel template.png
answered Feb 28, 2017 by hymnotix-grooves (680 points)
Yes, that's exactly right. You just assign the subcontrols for the channel changer, and yeah... we need to implement loadable and savable panels quite soon, too.