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Configure Knobs with Other Knobs/Pickers - MIDI Designer Q&A

Configure Knobs with Other Knobs/Pickers

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asked Jan 31, 2017 in Advanced by saycheese (220 points)
recategorized Feb 1, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Assuming I understand the question correctly, you want to modify what the SEND knobs actually send based on your pickers. There is only ONE modification of this type you can do in MD right now: Channel Changers (with or without Presets for Groups).
Yes, you're assumptions are correct. Is this a feature that will become available in the future? Would create enhanced options voor mdp
Sorry I misspoke. You've got transpose, which is CC, too.

and also

So that leaves just MIDI min-max... yes, we'll consider it for the future, but right now you've got 2 out of 3.

Also note that Presets for Groups can be used to combine situations...
Wow, the transposefunction works flawless on CC-send knob. I made a picker wich contains several CC-values corresponding to the CC to send. `For example 25 for distortion On/Off and 50 for Modulation On/Off. The knob itselfs sends CC#12 because I figured out that the CC was 12 too low every time. With the initial value CC#12 it is correct every time. Don't know why the #12 is involved.
Unfortunately this whole thing is kind of useless without the possibility to set the min and max value dynamically. So know what, we wait :)
Is it possible to upload a page?
Absolutely! Pages are uploaded the same way as layouts, only it's all in the double-tap-on-page-tab menu in Design Mode. ||

Sorry for the delay in responding, thanks