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Connect to a network computer that has a gigabit lan connection? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Connect to a network computer that has a gigabit lan connection?

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asked Oct 22, 2012 in Basic by anonymous
recategorized Oct 22, 2012
I have tried uninstalling and re-installing already.

I think I realized what my problem is. My current network setup all runs to my Verizon router. In order to allow for the iPad and computer to be truly on the same network and not simply able to communicate would be to buy an ethernet router and wireless access point. I would then connect the verizon router to the ethernet router and the wireless access point to the ethernet router; allowing me to create a single network comprised of both wired and wireless connections. Am I along the right track here or have I gotten even further off base?

The sad thing is I work as a developer and IT consultant myself, yet I'm still a student. There's a reason I didn't take the networking concentration route :-/

Regardless, I wanted to be able to enjoy my purchase of your app so I stopped by Micro Center and grabbed a cheapo wireless usb adapter. Up and running for now.
This is all great. "Have I gotten even further off base?" Yes. I just checked this out with my Motorola/Time-Warner-Cable modem/router. Computer goes via Ethernet cable and device (iPad) is connected via Wifi. It all works, meaning that your Verizon router is probably blocking Bonjour broadcasting in some way. When you hok up via the cheapo Wi-Fi adapter, are you going through the Verizon router, or straight via an ad-hoc network?
Via the Verizon router.
then that's quite bizarre, since I just checked this with a TWC/Motorola router. In any case, it's a general bonjour networking question. If you wanted to, the good people at could help you out, but you'd need to describe it quite well. Also, since you've bracketed the problem down to a laptop and your other machine, no need to complicate it with the ipads etc, if that makes sense.
And thanks for following up, and for using MIDI Designer! Let me know if you have other feedback or questions.