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How can I get an XY Pad to function as a joystick - MIDI Designer Q&A

How can I get an XY Pad to function as a joystick

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related to an answer for: 4-Way Crossfader with Max in Center
asked May 11, 2014 in Advanced by teekay (300 points)
edited May 11, 2014 by teekay
Perhaps I'm not thinking clearly today, but this seems to be currently impossible. Each dimension of the XY pad retains its meaning regardless of where you are in the other dimension. So if the center of the X dimension means "max of both volumes" then it would continue to mean that no matter where you are in the Y dimension.

Or to put it another way, the two dimensions are totally independent. So the problem is this statement, "sliding from the centre of the X axis to the left edge" can ONLY affect the X-dimension parameters.

So I *think* we're talking about a new control, but perhaps I'm missing some possibility with the current XYs and crossfader overlap.
Thanks for you efforts. As I said in the beginning, logically, I didn't think that it would be possible, but it would have been nice. If a joystick control makes it into a future release, it would be great, but I'm sure there are many more important things you are working on. Keep up the brilliant work! :-)
It's actually pretty fascinating. I'm trying to figure out if it's really just an XY that's been rotated by 45 degrees. But that doesn't seem right, because there are 3 spots where every volume is dead... I'll think on it and get back before we close this, if you don't mind.
That's fine...good luck!
I was just trying to create the same kind of vector synth joystick using an XY pad and wound up here after realizing that the "4mic" plan works in the center position but not the corners for this. Anyone made progress on this?