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Coarse/Fine CCs (14-bit Control Changes) - MIDI Designer Q&A

Coarse/Fine CCs (14-bit Control Changes)

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asked Aug 28, 2012 in Suggestions (Already Implemented) by anonymous
edited May 9, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thanks for your suggestion. Right now this is implemented in two ways: sysex allows for multiple-byte values, so you get 127^number_of_bytes values. NRPN allows for up to 127^2 values. You can increase the ticks on the first page, display properties. Does this help at all? Or does the target really need two completely arbitrary CCs? NRPN is normally used for this. Glad to continue the conversation until we figure out whether this would require modification of MIDI Designer.
[Bump] How did this work out? Feel free to get in touch with me directly via and we can figure this out together.
I wasn't aware of this but yes, it's part of the MIDI spec, which means I'll implement it soon
Was this ever implemented or is there an easy, logical way to do this?
Yes, it was implemented a long time ago. Sorry for not updating:
Ok cool, I didn't know 14 bit was related. If I use the 14 bit option and then what should I do with the fine cc related to the same parameter. Example filter cutoff frequency is cc 23 - coarse, cc 87 - fine. I set midi controller for cc 23, toggle on 14 bit, and then ignore fine cc or use a second subcontrol?
Thanks for your help!

EDIT: Ok, thinking more about it and if it's a MSB / LSB situation. I guess my real question is how do I make one control to make use of the whole range at the greatest resolution? Maybe just using the fine cc's at 14 bits?  I'm still just putting together a template and have yet to test, I was just hoping for a head start... Thanks again!
The 14-bit thing takes care of those relationships, by adding 64 to the first (I think, but you can verify this in MD using More -> Log). So if you use 23 with 14-bit resolution, the 87 will be sent with the fine data. Does that help?

The question is whether you've got a MIDI target to receive it...
To be really clear: use the coarse CC. The fine CC will happen automatically if you have 14-bit turned on.

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This was released in January 2013. Use a low CC number (0-31) and the 14-bit toggle will appear.

Note: you use the lower of the two CCs. For instance, if you select CC 19, the companion CC, 51 (19+32) will be used for the LSB.

answered May 6, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Mar 14, 2015 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)