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How to build a piano key that has note on/off AND y axis cc control - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to build a piano key that has note on/off AND y axis cc control

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asked Mar 10, 2013 in Advanced by mckaygarner (240 points)
Drumpads, if they are tall, go from bottom (40%) to top (100% velocity). If they are wide they go from left to right. Does that change the discussion at all?
Actually I'm not sure if aftertouch is  what I mean - basically I want a way to control apps like Animoog, PPG Wave apps, Magellan-select touchpad+turn off arp, Grain Science-ribbon mode, etc - by sliding my fingers up/down keys. I think these apps are using different methods to do the same thing - the PPG apps seem to have the best midi implementation, Magellan is the cheapest I think.

Re tall drum pads - Altho great for regular playing this doesn't let u smoothly slide up/down to control volume, etc over time.  Many thanks!  <3
Yeah, if you've played something like Animoog, you know the extra expression control you get with vertical movement on keys. If this were assignable via cc messages, you could control most anything in some synths, filter frequency, delay sends, lfo speed, arpeg values, etc. possibly individually on each key. Volume (drum pad feature) is cool, but assignable parameters like cc messages, pitch bend, etc. would open up a LOT of expressive sound options :-)
So it's a key that sends two MIDI messages (A and B). Touch-on sends A, movement sends B, and lift-off sends A (zero or note-off, let's say). Is that what we're talking about, kind of?
Basically, yes. A potentially easy feature upgrade would be to add the functions of the x-y controller as an option for the piano key. This way, people could layer the xy piano key on top of the standard note on/off key. A better implementation would be to have the second y option right on the piano key button so you don't have to use 2 button layers. Just a thought!

1 Answer

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Re key sending 2 msgs - maybe, but it's deeper than that...

...The A, B method u describe would send global filter cutoff (for example) values, eg if I hold C3 & G3 low on the keys, then slid up c3 only, both notes would be played with fully open filters.  The apps I mentioned (Animoog & PPG 1s are easiest to test) somehow do it per key, which is why I called it AT - so in the eg above, only C3s filter would open, whilst G5 would stay low.  Not sure how they is doin it tho..

Many thanks, & all the best  <3
answered Mar 13, 2013 by gdog (510 points)