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Chapter 17: What's New in MDP2?

MIDI Designer Pro 2.0: Release Notes

  • Completely-redesigned look: Glow. More beautiful, practical and functional
  • A new Home screen for easier navigation
  • Extra Features Pack IAP Flyer: Image Panels, Pickers and Meters (free DAW plugin from musicIO)
  • Preset Packs: share global presets with users of the same layout
  • New Message Type: Combined Bank and Program Change
  • Variable Tick Markers (up to max 25 ticks for knobs, 18 for sliders) to make more sense of your values faster
  • Interact seamlessly with the Community: download and upload layouts, pages and preset packs directly from MDP2
  • New features for power users: Accelerometer Zero, Medium Throw and Steppers Without Wrapping
  • Improved MIDI send, receive, and logging to be even faster and more stable
  • Hundreds of smaller new features, bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements for greater flexibility, stability and speed

2.1: New Feature --- Automatic Cloud Backup IAP

Keeps all of your layouts, presets and pages backed up. Access your files from anywhere. 30-day revision history. (Requires a free Dropbox account)

How to Use Cloud Backup IAP

  1. On the Config → Actions page, tap on “Automatic Backups to Cloud”  Config -> Actions -> Automatic Backups
  2. This will open the Dropbox app (or Dropbox on the Web). Click “Allow” to give permission to MDP2 in your Dropbox.

    (It will only access one subfolder of your Dropbox)
     Give MIDI Designer Pro 2 permission to access the app's folder
  3. Your dropbox is now linked!
     Dropbox Now Linked

The following rules apply to all layouts, pages, and presets that you save in MIDI Designer Pro 2:

  • The autosave files (autosave.mididesigner, autosave-preset.xml and config.xml and backup.mididesigner when it happens) are saved to a directory specific to your device.
    For instance, if your device is named music-making-air2 then you will find these files in your Dropbox under:
  • Any other files you save will be stored in your Dropbox under:

How to Know If Your Dropbox is Linked

The Automatic Backups to Cloud (IAP) will be on (Blue)
 Automatic Backups On

2.2: Changes

MIDI Designer 2.2.0 allows all users to download and use layouts created with the Extra Features Pack IAP (authored in MDP 2.2 or later).

The authored layout must be saved with MIDI Designer Pro 2.2 or later.

The layout will be loaded with the global Design Mode Lock on. Turn it off in Config → Options → Design Mode Locked. If the layout uses EFP features, this will require you to purchase the EFP.


2.4: Undo

2.4.5: Vintage Throttle

2.4.5: Snap Back to Value

2.5.0: Display Zero

2.5.0: Movable Panels

2.5.0: Rotary Action

Please find Rotary Action as one of the options under Advanced. This is only available for Knobs.

2.96: Stream Byter Plugin by Audeonic

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