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Multiple MIDI ports?

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asked Mar 11 in Suggestions (Reviewed) by the-elf (1,190 points)
recategorized Mar 11 by jkhiser-admin

1 Answer

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Sort of a duplicate of 9662.  Going to add this as a reference for that user request in the database.

Request is to behave more like Ableton (for example), where you target input / output to a particular port as well as channel.

Trying to think how to deal with legacy layouts.  By default - all ports enabled for all controls?  Port control is an advanced feature?  Other ideas?

And the reverse problem - as soon as you start configuring to be very specific on ports, then you have the reconfigure problem if the interface changes - if you use Ableton or Logic for example, you know about having to reconfigure when plugging in a new device.  For example, my Jupiter X layout doesn't care which port the Jupe is on.  But if I have to specify, it could be found on:

  • Jupiter Xm MIDI Out 1 / In 1
  • Jupiter Xm Bluetooth
  • via WIDI DIN adapter
  • via a multi-unit adapter (iConnect Audio 4+, in my case)
  • via a generic DIN adapter
Ableton port example
Ableton port example
answered Mar 11 by jkhiser (19,870 points)
Yep, I don't have all the answers. Just asking the question.

I don't use Ableton Live, so can't compare it. Cubase lets me know if a port is missing and I can choose an alternative port, either temporarily, or permanently.

Yep, I know I'm asking for something fundamental and seismic. Just thought I'd throw it out for consideration.
(BTW, what is '9662', and how would I find it?)
Hint - this post is 9991.

Gotcha. I was thinking it was a reference I should be able to see in the forum posts.
Thought I'd bump this with a further thought that maybe an output port could be defined for a page (as opposed to individual controls) basis?
Pages are a problem because controls can be on multiple pages

While they rarely are, it's a bit of a mess...

Could probably do something like forcing all controls on a page to a certain port ;)
Yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking. That way it avoids having to set properties for every control, yet two sides of a Layout would be able to address two separate ports. I think that may be a good compromise.