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StreamByter does not recognize $08 and $09 (and related values) as valid decimal values

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asked Feb 20 in Defect (Won't Fix) by jkhiser (19,870 points)
recategorized Mar 14 by admin
This happens in Midi Fire as well, right?
Yes, but there is no active bug tracking happening over there.  I don't think this is something you need to fix, just live as an open minor problem to work around.

I did add this bug over on Audeonic, pointing back to this report.
Our thoughts are more like: if this behavior exists in MidiFire, AND there's a workaround... then it's not a bug from our perspective. Let's change it to will-not-fix

1 Answer

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Best answer
Drop the leading 0 after the $ and it should work
answered Mar 1 by admin (94,270 points)
selected Apr 29 by admin