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MIDI "Display Value" only goes down to -99

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asked Feb 13 in Suggestions (Reviewed) by the-elf (1,190 points)
recategorized Feb 13 by jkhiser-admin
Great suggestion, added to summary of user requests (avail in side panel).  

Many Roland boards allow one more offset on the negative side, so I would go to -128.

1 Answer

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Approach to quickly naming Ticks

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Other/Unlisted Maker

See my approach to quickly and easily naming ticks.


answered Feb 13 by dsabou2062 (3,570 points)
I was afraid of that...

Couldn't we just have it so the standard values reflect the range of an NPRN - to which I've already told it my range of values? I may have a lot of these to do.

If not, then it still seems to me that -127 would be a more appropriate boundary than -99.
I used a much simplified version of your method, just concatenating three columns of auto-generated numbers and a couple of spaces. It seems to have worked fine. Thank you!
My approach uses the Text to Column function to easily break an existing Named Ticks output into 2 or 3 columns. Then it can be edited and Concatenated. If you don't have existing text, you just need to create the data and Concatenate. The template is handy and will work in either case.