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Where is email layout info in Mac OS?

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asked Feb 10 in Defect (Fixed) by dsabou2062 (3,570 points)
recategorized Mar 1 by admin
was in the beta observations, will move to open user requests.  Since the days of sandbox are gone, would be just "save" metadata.
We'll get it soon, we're running around trying to promote this thing. Speaking of which, NOW is a great time to help promote in any way you can. More downloads is always goal. Social media is good, leaving a 5-star review is also good.

But we'll get you your metadata option on Mac.
Thanks. By the way, I can still access MDPx Next in Mac OS (but not in iOS) and it still had email metadata available. I was able to get the data I needed.
Yeah that’s going to be released this. Monday with .7