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MDP is cutting off background app music from other apps

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asked Jan 28 in Advanced by admin (94,270 points)
I have the same issue and this is making me and some friend think to look for another app while for us MidiDesigner is the best app in it’s area.

Please fix this issue ASAP.
Read the answer below ASAP and see if that solves your problem ASAP. If you cannot find this Configuration option, reach out ASAP. Also you can find us at support [at] mididesigner [dot] com. Thanks for using MIDI Designer, David.
Just tried with https://apps.apple.com/us/app/djay-dj-app-ai-mixer/id450527929 and MIDI Designer runs without cutting off sound. Looking forward to your response, David.
Thank you for your fast response,
First of All sorry for my Capital letters ASAP was misinterpreted rudely, this was not the intention, I appreciate Midi Designer team, and I have been using it for so many years even when there were no frequent updates for it.

Secondly, It's not convenient to try to use different applications to run my Apple music library "djay - DJ App & AI Mixer" might be a good workaround, but it can't be the ultimate solution, especially if I have so many different apps and automation running form the same iPad, it's really time-consuming to migrate exiting workflow and add a new app to it.

I can find the issue is related to the option "Stay Alive in Background" under the midi options part, disabling it is an easier workaround, I hope the team will do some more research and find a solution where this option can be used along with other apps need to keep running in the background, it sounds like when this option is enabled, the app takes over all background apps and this is what causes other music apps to stop.

Sorry for the long response, and I hope my last findings will help you and the team.
Thanks David. Can I add you to the beta for now? You'll get an email from TestFlight or Apple. Then we can work to solve this. Thanks.
Sure Dan,
BTW, I tried the App and it still has the same issue when the "Stay Alive option" is enabled.
Thank you
Fix is now in Beta for you, please test and report back, thank you.
I just tested the Beta version of the app, and it's working as expected, and the "Stay Alive in the background" feature is working accordingly.

When is the release date for this fix?

I'm more than happy to help with other testing issues.

Thank you.
It’s ASAP! More specifically, it’s going to be this week I think

1 Answer

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Best answer

Config → MIDI → "Stay Alive in Background" to OFF. This will solve your problem.

answered Jan 28 by admin (94,270 points)
edited Mar 30 by admin