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Complex linking of toggles to dials

0 votes
asked Sep 28, 2023 in User Support, Open by yasir (380 points)
edited Sep 28, 2023 by yasir

1 Answer

0 votes

Pretty neat layout. 

The issue is in the supercontrol / subcontrol "tree" arraignment.  There are times we do not allow a subcontrol to back drive a supercontrol:
- When a supercontrol has multiple subs (exception being a button "group" under a variable master)
- When a supercontrol has a combination of a button group and knobs, the knobs do not back drive <- this is your issue

These can backdrive a supercontrol
- a button group
- a single subcontrol

There may be a way to rearchitect the supercontrol/subcontrol relationship to get your desired result, but may take some thinking.

answered Sep 30, 2023 by jkhiser (19,870 points)